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Texas wind energy beats out the nation and parts of the world | USA TODAY

Believe it or not, Texas is the nation’s largest producer of wind energy.
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Texas’ journey to becoming a wind powerhouse could be a map for the many U.S. states that have substantial wind resources.

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  1. Problem is in the middle of summer when ERCOT is setting peaks these wind turbines are not producing power because there is no wind. These won't help unless there is a viable energy storage system for the electricity they produce.

  2. Yep, when the wind blows you can get a lot of electricity – but it doesn't always blow, so the utility still has to install the full power capability from a reliable source (nuclear or fossil). This makes an already expensive source even more so. Oh yeah, about those bat kills, get used to more mosquitoes.

  3. We need solar. These things kill birds

  4. As They Kill Thousands Of Birds Daily!!!!!!!! DESTROY THE LANDSCAPE!!!!!!!!! #OutlawWindTurbinesNOW

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