Monday , November 29 2021
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Texas Woman Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Casting Vote In 2016 Election | NBC Nightly News

In our new ongoing series “Justice For All,” Lester Holt speaks with a Texas woman who was sentenced to five years in prison after voting in the 2016 election while she was on supervised release from federal prison.
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Texas Woman Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison For Casting Vote In 2016 Election | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Since when in America did voting become a crime???

  2. This is not justice. A provisional ballot is something the indicates the vote should be checked, not punished if they turn out to be unregistered or other not qualified to vote for some other reason. This is just wrong and she should be let go.

  3. Obviously california is better quality people over Texas . this right here is the face of injustice racism

  4. She's an angel😇 compare to a lot of politicans in Washington. But, they have something that this women doesn't have; money💰, power💪 & connections🤝.

  5. One she is dumb but it all boils down more people than jobs where to put them but jail.

  6. Can't let all that THICCNESS waste away in jail.
    Set that booty free..

  7. Very sad if they have time for her in prison

  8. She needs to be given time just because she's wearing a Jesus shirt hoping for sympathy. She scammed the government once, then twice. She needs to be an example.

  9. Voting is a HUMAN RIGHT not a Constitutional one. You cannot be alienated from your right to vote. This jailing is a human rights violation.

  10. She’s a criminal, keep her locked up

  11. Read the fine print next time. Still , a little harsh on the sentence. She seems sincere.

  12. Three million people won Hillary the election. That did not count. So?

  13. We live in a white supremacist system ya'll better get WOKE!!

  14. Good or Bad she broke the law. BUT!!! Come on!!! she Voted… THIS is how WE spend our TAX dollars! With Over zealous Judges giving this woman 5 yrs…. I have neighbors that sell drugs and literally get 3 months WTF ! ! ! Love this country , But Hate its systems with no Oversight. SAD.

    Note: She was offered probation and turned it down… Arrogance IS her undoing. So be it.

  15. black women are the worst for thing's like this…acting as if the law doesn't apply to them she should have taken the offer of probation from the prosecutor. but instead she knew it all took the case to trial and wasted the tax payer's time / money and now is living off donation's LMFAO !!!

  16. Bless you🍀💙💚💛💜💖

  17. Her own fault for not taking the deal when she knew she was guilty.

  18. The justice system is so stupidly organized. It really holds people back from enjoying life after they even have served their time. THE JUSTICE SYSTEM CREATES CRIMINALS! They can't go to school or college, they can't get apartments or home, they can't work. Everybody is not a criminal at heart. They just made stupid choices that put them behind bars. However, the justice system is arranged to keep them down while in prison and while out of prison. It's really not very effective. It's a great money maker though. So much so its listed on the stock market. It's being stated that since Trump's election private justce system stock values have increased tremendously.

  19. If she was white and/or rich, she'd have gotten more probation. Leave it to Texas.

  20. But illegal immigrants can vote a day long. No question asked

  21. I wonder who she voted for ….

  22. Not to skip the subject but she has an outstanding body….

  23. This is more than wrong when the president breaks the law daily.

  24. What the media doesn't tell you, is that she signed an affidavit claiming she had completed her supervised release. It's a horrible situation but read what you're signing!


  26. Topical of these types. Criminals claiming to be the victim

  27. You lying racists doen't want "JUSTICE" for all. You want to INCREASE RACIAL HATRED IN BLACKS by presenting your 'slanted' stories, because the idea of black people taking responsibility for their own choices and actions is too much for you to face, cowards!

  28. Please note! Many of the comments on YouTube now are fake accounts, Russian bots being used to dictate the narratives. We're at war, and the Russians are winning because.

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