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Texas women seek abortions in other states

ABC News’ Rachel Scott follows one Texas woman as she travels to Mississippi to get an abortion because of the new abortion law in her home state.

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  1. If you're going to kill your unborn child then you should go to prison just like everybody else who kills because that is what you were doing you're killing an innocent child

  2. Women need to do what's right have the child and if you don't want it give it up for adoption or at least it has a chance to live

  3. God said that he already knew us before we were ever born

  4. I don't care what anybody says if you get an abortion you're committing murder ing your unborn child it is evil and should not be done

  5. Apparently undergoing body modification surgery qualifies one as a “hero” these days.

  6. Taliban Texas. Appalling treatment of women as classless citizens.
    Appalling. These male made laws will not stop women from the freedom to choose what their own lives will be.

  7. The fetus is NOT your body and is NOT your choice

  8. Clearly you lack control…couldn’t stay out of the bed with your boyfriend

  9. See? Birth control increases unwanted pregnancies. Don’t have sex. That’s the best way

  10. Private Adoption is not good. It is legal human trafficking you exchange a large sum of money for a child in return. That is human trafficking with a new name. The private adoption industry will make about 19.1 BILLION dollars this year. In foster care parent should always go in with intentions to reunite the child with the bio parents unless it is absolutely not possible.

  11. Some of these comments are vile. Until you all are pro-welfare expansion, low to no cost healthcare, pro mask and vaccine, pro foster care reform, pro comprehensive sex education and free birth control w/o parental consent, and anti death penalty you all are not pro-life you are pro forced birth because you all have made it clear you don’t care about that being once it is on earth. Just be fucking honest with yourself.

    Also if an embryo at 6 with cardiac electric activity (it is not a fully formed heart or true heart beat; it is also not considered a fetus even at 6 weeks) is considered a child women should start receiving child support at 6 weeks of pregnancy right and be able to take out a life insurance policy right too?

    The vast majority of pro life arguments are based off the Bible. Guess what we don’t live in a theocracy. We live in the US where per our first amendment rights in the constitution (which for as much as you all claim to love and love your freedoms you sure do pick and choose) we have religious freedoms and separation of church and state. Laws shouldn’t be based on religion ever even a little bit because by doing so you violate my first amendment rights to religious freedom.

  12. She was not on birth control ugh don’t lie. You can take it but you have to take it correctly. She did not

  13. A body part is defined by the common genetic code it shares with the rest of its body; the unborn’s genetic code differs from his mother’s.

  14. The possibility of human cloning does nothing to discredit the fact that all humans conceived in the conventional manner began their lives at conception.

  15. Good for you Texas. It isn't always the woman's decision like planned parenthood would like you to believe. I was forced into an abortion by my boyfriend and his parents when I was in college, I was going to leave him and keep the baby. But he threatened to harass me if I didn't get an abortion. He said that it shouldn't be ONLY the woman's decision. He abused me mentally and physically with his parents support the entire way. Because this was an option available for HIM. I felt like someone else made my decision for me. When I went to talk to the nurse at the abortion clinic about how I felt, the moment I said I was Christian, she interjected, said she wasn't allowed to discuss that with me (her job was to council me. aka listen to me vent), she scowled at me the entire time I was there- prejudice b!tch. I will spend the rest of my life regretting what I put myself through, and always wondering what the baby would have been like that I gave up.

  16. Some of the world’s most prominent scientists and physicians testified to a U.S. Senate committee that human life begins at conception.

  17. Medical textbooks and scientific reference works consistently agree that human life begins at conception.

  18. Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke 23:34

  19. You'd want to option b****. First of all is adoption.
    The absolute last thing you should have done with kill your unborn child it was disgusting.

  20. When I held my newborn grandson in my arms, it was just the most beautiful feeling, he was so tiny and helpless – to think some women don't think twice about doing this is so heart wrenching.

  21. If you know its not 100 percent why’d you let him let loose? How about keep your legs closed

  22. Mississippi might be the next state to ban abortion.

  23. Why not be responsible person and not get pregnant. Abortion is not a good choice for birth control.

  24. I'm glad these women have to drive HOURS away and have plenty of time to understand that they are about to MURDER a BABY!!!

    If you're not responsible enough to raise a child, you're not responsible enough to have sex!!!

  25. Wait a minute…She felt her only option was gone. What about the option of adoption?

  26. "Pro-lifers" have never been against abortion because they care about saving the lives of unborn babies. It has always been about wanting to take away the rights of women. Plus, the Bible is PRO-ABORTION. See Numbers 5:20-22.

  27. Adoption! Their is always a family that can’t have a child that will give so much love to those babies

  28. God can and does bring good out of evil of all kinds. Murdering the baby short-circuits this good process and deprives many people of blessing.

  29. Don’t speak about human beings conceived in rape as though they have no purpose and ought to have been murdered in the womb.

  30. We must of course be concerned with helping the rape victim to heal and recover, as fully as possible. Shall we propose that one who has been so violated, so violently treated, then engage in her own act of violation and violence toward the baby God placed in her womb? The answer to the evil in the world is never more evil.

  31. Don’t speak about human beings conceived in rape as though they have no purpose and ought to have been murdered in the womb.

  32. Awww…. She was hoping for a diff outcome from sex? So now you want us to feel sorry for you because you are inconvenienced while trying to kill your baby – please?!? … Let’s Go Brandon👏👏👏

  33. Calling abortions healthcare is a stretch. It’s really about making people’s lives more convenient in situations like these.


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