‘THAT is offensive,’ McCarthy sounds off on WH for targeting Elon Musk over free speech #shorts

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., responds to Fox News’ Peter Doocy after being asked about the White House’s treatment of Elon Musk after his Twitter acquisition.

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  1. There seeing the powers being updated on track and that is not what there all about that's it for political parties is on there way out there seeing it they Hate Waves in their own dreaming of the world that is not there's to begin with. We'll see how it turns up when we get back the process and government bribing every one here's a check you poor por boy's and girls have a pay check here's you w2 with a punch latter on track 😊

  2. Both sides of the isle just want to make noise about ANYTHING but the Epstein list.

  3. McCarthy DOESN'T care, he's running for Speaker of the House!

  4. She said near the end it's a magical electric car, as if it were a magical carpet. Poor Elon Musk, he could barely afford that $44 Billion to buy Twitter and his company's stock is dropping like crazy.

  5. We all know why they're scared why they're looking at him

  6. If this Administration doesn't make an abrupt change in course very soon they're going to overstep their bounds and regret the backlash that they're flamboyant arrogance ignites.⌛ 💣💥

  7. This man better prove himself to us republicans I don't trust any politicians

  8. So, what are you or anyone gonna do about it?

  9. If you are an intelligent white male. You constantly get attacked. Just like this and worse.

  10. Bc elon couldnt be bought. Bc biden and co have their money on china electric. Follow the $$$

  11. When free speech is an enemy of state we are in trouble!!

  12. The good news is, musk couldn't give a sh$#.

  13. Come home to Africa Elon . These dudes are so crazy man.

  14. Yes nailed it . Not in the Club . frankly I don't think he cares either . His goals are not to get politicians elected , left or right , Its to advance civilisation. Weird how politicians are threatened by that ..Actually not so weird .

  15. When Musk kicks a few million dollars into the right pockets, his popularity will suddenly improve.
    Seriously? There is a mystery here?

  16. Be Nice to Elon Musk, we need him, and his Space-X, to Create some Kind of Space Satellite Defense, Capability? and to Create an App store, to Counter-Rotten Apple?

  17. I totally agree with Kevin!

  18. Biden has a woody for Musk and will deprive the world of innovation in spite. Typical of a fake, the puppet must go

  19. The Democrats are corrupt treasonous criminals against America and the American people and our constitution and country.

  20. White house full of Traitorous bastards

  21. Elon will expose everyone he can AND like it cuz it's the right thing to do … Amen

  22. What’s next Gestapo type raids by the FBI on Elon Musk like they did to soccer parents for protesting at school board meetings. Or at his home like they did a firmer US President?? I didn’t serve this country for 20 years to have the Democrat party and “Ice Cream Grandpa” turn it into North Korea 2.0! 😡🇺🇸

  23. Elon can OWN the club if he wanted. He's having a blast.

  24. Mccarthy is spineless. No way !!!! Will he be speaker. He’s a liar and weak. No way!!!!!!

  25. Why would anybody vote for an Administration who wants to stifle free speech? What is wrong with people?

  26. Musk is another Trump, thats what is another billionaire that can't be bribed or bought

  27. Well said McCarthy thank you Biden does not like free speech he is Compromised 100% by China he wants to make the US just like them not going to Happen WE THE PEOPLE SAY HELL NO

  28. He took away their blow horn and now they are having a fit.

  29. Lmao GQP & their false outrage. There are actual FCC laws. GQP has nothing but lies & theater

  30. Kevin is a lousy actor. He isn't offended by anything. He is a Trump parasite, nothing more. Dumber than Pence

  31. No he is not.we had an an electric car before a petrol car.musk only got his money because the government valued his company at a trillion of which he had 20%.thank the American tax payer says elons own one

  32. Plus he's saving them- us a fortune on space related project's.

  33. Yawn.
    I can't see how people believe in all this wwe scripted politics.

  34. THEY can't control him and that's why THEY attack him… just like THEY do TRUMP!

  35. Why don't you people come and try to take over 300 million Americans freedom speech from us good luck

  36. I don’t think he should be speaker of the house anymore than Mc conald

  37. Conservatives need to stop saying Twitter is free speech, it was 90% fake accounts and bots, fake news and propaganda is not free speech, that's a type of fraud

  38. Facebook and Twitter go to hell

  39. He’s not in the “big tech club”? So creating an electric vehicle company and starting a revolutionary space company isn’t “big tech”? Who is this lady? What a moron.

  40. Free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech free speech

  41. They can't control elon.tjats what pissing them off

  42. Corrupt EU going after Elon as well…. You know…. "Democracy and anti-fascism" and all that… 🙄🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡