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That's gotta hurt: A collection of cricket's low blows

The box/protector: An essential piece of equipment for every cricketer. Here’s why…


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  1. Even Brian Lara took one in the family jewels

  2. 4:20 ball injury specialist.😂

  3. Before the match:- Livingstone
    After the match:- Nostone

  4. Any girl watching… Don't gonna watch this.. this is not your place..😅

  5. Probably the only feeling which is absolutely terrible for the victim but absolutely hilarious for everyone else.

  6. Imagine he get hit on balls and the bowlers appeals for LBW and the umpire also give him out😂😂😂😂

  7. In swing bowling is the bane of 'deez nuts'!

  8. Livingstone is now Deadstone

  9. Players are getting their nuts broken and Cricket Australian is just showing the pain with a funny theme song 😂😂

  10. feel bad for the last guy, cant read swing

  11. My god, getting a 140km/h ball in your balls, god…

  12. Wasim Akram pure savage 😂. He was on. Hattrick

  13. Livingston nuts left the chat😂

  14. 0:19 Livingstone truned into deadstoned

  15. When bowlers strike the ball

  16. Sounds like they have hit a four when it hits 😂

  17. so Australians have a long history with ball tampering.


  19. How can they laugh. Man it is got to be one of the highest pain injury
    I've got hit by cricket ball once and by football
    Believe me 7 stitch cut is better than getting hit down there

  20. It's nice to see that, they finish this kind of video by a sympathy & kindness!!

  21. If this can be happened in Cricket games, player will always do this even if they lose.😂😂

  22. When your living stone and everybody wants you dead

  23. Buddy, that isn't going to help lol 4:16

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