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'That's rigging the game': Stacey Abrams on voter I.D. laws

Georgia’s Stacey Abrams discusses her new initiative to combat voter suppression with Linsey Davis on “This Week.”


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  1. This morbidly obese scumbag should never of been given a chance to run for any public office with attitudes and opinions such as the ones she is now spewing as sour grapes, the whole system was rigged against her she says, people that wanted to vote for me were turned away she says both remarks are pure BULLSHIT. If a citizen provided proper ID at any polling place that person would of been given a ballot. For this sick ass low life to say that voter ID is rigging the game just shows how ignorant she really is and she should of been given an IQ test before hand and when she could not reach triple digits her name should of been withdrawn. These scumbag Democrats are sickening to listen to the lies they tell, outright lies right to a persons face, they all watched as Obama did this to America during his Obamacare legislation and now they all think that they can just ignore the truth of any issue and just lie. The people learned just what she was all about after the election was over and she was found to be the loser by 55,000 votes, so then she goes off telling lies about how the system is rigged, where were her concerns prior to the election, voter ID is the only way to prove that all elections are fair and won with only legal voters voting. Voter ID needs to become the law of the land before the 2020 elections. This lowlife showed everyone what she really is which is an ignorant morbidly obese pig who should of never been in the race to begin with due to her IQ.

  2. So… She thinks it must be voter suppression because she lost. Ever consider that the people just didn't want an obese retard black female for governer??

  3. No ID says you’re hiding something and you’re trying to cheat you bloated blimp.

  4. Her hair stylist is named Medusa.

  5. This circus tent needs to have at least one other issue than her false claim of voter suppression.

  6. A lot of angry republicans here worried about non-whites voting. Conservatives here have no desires to make state IDs very easy and free to get.

  7. Why is everyone so obseesed that stacy abrams is a lesbian. I don't care about her sexuality I care about her policies. Yes she is over weight or obese but she is very intelligent and articulate. I like her.

  8. She didn't get elected so she's trying to make sure people who can't vote legally have a chance to get her elected. Whatever you do don't get between her and a plate of food. Her family calls her tank.

  9. Every time I see her, I keep expecting a group of dwarves to come out and roll her away, while singing " oompah, oompah, oompah dee doo!"🐷🐳

  10. It's ridiculous to expect black people to meet the standards of everyone else. That's racist. Blacks are not intelligent enough to get IDs. Just let them vote, racists

  11. you need id to buy a beer, you should need one to vote too. The demand for racism is far more than the supply right now, so you get crazy speeches like this.

  12. Republicans can’t win fair and square so they chase all these bullshit conspiracies. All that bitching and moaning about illegal voting and 3 years later they haven’t found ONE. Kobach had to leave disgracefully his job of investigating that. The American people are watching cons!

  13. Getting an ID card is so damn simple to do. Have people become so lazy they don't want to fill out the paperwork to get one?? Even the people who are handicap have people who can make arrangements to get them an ID card and provide transportation. People sure ain't lazy when it comes time to vote, are they? If a law was passed for everyone to have an ID by 2024, that's plenty of time to get one. Not only that, the government itself could provide the cards to everyone who are legal citizens………Maybe THAT'S the reason democrats don't want people to have ID's.

  14. I used to think I was racist until I got older and understand that the people calling me racist, is the actual racist.

  15. Kemp is a dirty cheat…he purged thousands of black voters from registration rolls who were legally registered. Dirty dog just like pedophile Trump!

  16. These people spend so much time finding false conspiracies that they cant enjoy their life. That's no way to live. We need more mental facilities cause these lefties are a waste space

  17. Isn't your party nor bussing voters all the time from one polling station to another?
    Very good she lost, another fraud that didn't make it…
    Of course voter id is needed, that's what you have in any developed country

  18. Stop aborting black babies so the population of black Americans can grow past 13% and then the voting block will be larger and actually make a difference.

  19. Stacey needs to loose a 100 pounds

  20. This woman is nothing short of completely deluded. She lost by more than 50,000 votes. God help her. She doesn't even answer the questions that are actually asked of her.

  21. Malcolm X called God Judgement on America, in this speech he speaks out against the White Liberals. Malcolm said that the Liberals are far worse than the Conservatives.

  22. If you are too dumb to get an ID then you are too dumb to vote.

  23. I admit it is kind of sexist. When she talks, I can’t help staring at her teeth…

  24. Got the guy from the state fair guessing age of voters at the polls cause they are voting without ID

  25. Why is this lying ass loser getting any air time?

    There are a record number of registered voters in GA and pretty much everywhere else at this time..

    I am sick and tired of her and her kind inferring that blacks and other minorities are too stupid to get an ID of some kind.

    So therefore we just need to believe they are who they say they are when they show up at the polling places.

  26. Anyone who says that getting a ID card is a hardship for minorities is a RACIST.

  27. Voter ID cards should be mandatory!!!!

  28. Stop with all this voter suppression follow the rules whatever they are id or whatever you only vote once every two yrs no reason you cant be ready


  30. The Liberals have almost perfected the brainwashing of prominent African Americans. And to some extent the Republicans have done the same. The main difference is, The Liberals have not delivered for 100 years. Thus Trump has a point in saying
    'What do you have to lose' Things will still be difficult but with the growth Trump is inspiring, there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

  31. Hey Stacey, I'm with Aunt Jemima Syrup, please reply to my Emails.
    WE NEED you for a Aunt Jemima Commercial. Pay is Scale, Full Buyout! plus a mileage bump.
    We can also throw in a years worth of syrup!!


  33. Russians could be sneaking in and voting for trump demand voter ID

  34. What the HAIL is she takin' BOUT?

  35. I lost cause everything is racist… !!! What a joke this bitch is….. !!!!

  36. Oh… of course it was… nothing to do with the fact that the people don't want your stupid ass representing them… !!! You lost get the fuck over it you fat fucking cow… !!!!!!!!

  37. You want equality? Start by getting a f**** i.d.like every other grown-up



  40. "Rigging the game"?? To what, a level playing field?? DNC are just pissed that Voter ID will just dry up a good chunk of their voterbase (i.e. Illegal immigrants).

  41. I like her and agree it's wasn't a fair election. And then the words "eliminate poverty" and there goes her credibility.

    Charles Dickens wrote about Ignorance and Want as our responsibility, and their permanence.

  42. This is what all that extreme "woke" nonsense will get u. U end up seeing oppression in everything. 🤦 Just live in truth n common sense!!

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