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The 8 best moments from "The Last Dance" Parts 1 and 2 | FOX SPORTS

The traveling cocaine circus, Michael Jordan golfing with Danny Ainge, Scottie Pippen’s contract negotiations, Phil Jackson’s mustache. Charlotte Wilder takes us through the best moments from the first episodes of ‘The Last Dance’.

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The 8 best moments from “The Last Dance” Parts 1 and 2 | FOX SPORTS

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  1. What was your favorite moment from 'The Last Dance'?

  2. Scottie pippen was never the 2nd best player in the nba lol.

  3. “We have the right to defend what we’ve won”
    Why would they break up a team that just completed another 3 peat. Pure jealousy and bitterness from the Owner Reinsdorf and GM Krause. Couldn’t get over the fact, MJ was the face of everything. “Bigger than the pope” 😳

  4. The fact that MJ was a snitch and publicly called Pip selfish while he lead in every statistical category over Michael except scoring was nuts to me. They showed the struggles without pippen out there and all Mike did was Roll his eyes and yell at dudes. Hilarious but he's categorized as a leader. Ok whatever

  5. Pippen wasnt the 2nd best player. He was about where Klay Thompson is now, about 15th

  6. Wonderful documentary. Must watch!

  7. Nobody talked how mj really wanted to play with the doctor saying the risk of his injury

  8. She prolly was born in 2002

  9. Lol scottie is not the 2nd best player in the league . I mean i feel bad to scottie but he sign the contract but he is not the 2nd best player in the league

  10. Jerry Krause. Every scene. Whenever he appears, something's going down. He was a great canvas for MJ's Masterpiece of wrath. That 6th ring was dedicated to Krause. W/o Kraus, there is no The Last Dance.

  11. Keep up the good work girl. Awesome.

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