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The Affair l 20/20 l PART 3

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How wife in love triangle murder-suicide case discovered husband’s affair

After weeks of suspicion, Mark Gerardot said his wife Jennair told him that she had undeniable proof that he had been having an affair. Then he said she told him she had his phone cloned.

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Man involved in 2018 love triangle murder-suicide case says ‘I wish I could take it back’

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  1. This story happens to much with men. I remember this happening to a friend's parents of mine the dad moves to the state that they are all planning on moving to accept he goes 45 days early leaves his wife behind and in those 45 days he has an afair with somebody else leaving his wife of 20-plus years like she's just nothing..

  2. Someone later came foward to police, saying they'd seen a woman in a black trench coat, cap, wig, huge sunglasses &&binoculars staking out the gf's house, recently… but never said anything!

    Ya… bc THAT'S not suspicious AF -nothin' to see here! This could literally be one of comedian, Bill Engvall's "Stupid Ppl: here's your sign" sketches. 😞

  3. Merideths stupid 90s eyebrows. Disgusting

  4. Jeez,what is wrong with you people,the man fell out of love with his wife, what you expected to stay miserable for the rest of his life!??

  5. This douchebag wrote a book about this tragedy(a completely one-sided view, that I'm sure makes him look innocent aside from a few choices) and is trying to get it published. Complete fucking tool. Seems the wife wasn't the only monster in that relationship. If you truly love,care, and Respect someone you make a clean break from a relationship before you get involved with someone else. He definitely didn't respect his wife. He led her on and on, I'm sure lying about the affair whenever asked and making his wife feel insane.

  6. My wife never told me I was wonderful, blur blur blur, did you tell your wife she was wonderful?

  7. You screwed the fucking pooch mark.

  8. I have no sympathy for this ass wipe. This guys demeanor/behavior drove his wife into insanity. Then “men” ask.. why are woman crazy; you twat.. have you ever thought that your actions drive that woman to “become crazy” SMH 🤦🏻‍♀️ two woman lost their lives. Now you have to live with that, you selfish prick.

  9. So I had to go on ABC news website to watch the ending, still thinks he has more feelings for Meredith than his (ex) wife. When they both died it seemed he was more drawn to the death of Meredith than his (ex) wife whom he spent his life with for what, 24+ years? I see him with another woman in about a few years because he had that “spark” connection of youth.

  10. There is a link on description to go and watch full episode, though if you are like me outside the US you are out of luck. You are an a*hole ABC, I watch 20/20 since 1999 or so, at least create some international streaming service like Netflix and I would gladly pay.

  11. He is a narcissist he paints this beautiful thoughtful picture of how he is such a wonderful caring husband.Whom accidentally fell in love with his married boss in 4 weeks and wrecked a 24 year marriage.He went to marriage counseling while still seeing his what was she side chick.He tortured Jenneyre till she snapped.He still lying on JenmEyre in these interviews the journalist knows it. Every time they cut in and ? They know he is lying.

  12. Hey man.. All I'm saying is that Meredith also Cheated on her husband but he didn't commit a murder-suicide like jannir did. Women are psycho no cap.

  13. I just watched part 4 and mark is a creepy narcissist and most likely set this whole thing up! Poor girls!! May you both Rest In Peace.

  14. At 7:00 Wife’s requirements- live together until May, etc.
    so…. he has hope that perhaps he can ride it out, live with her requirements, and get out unscathed.
    He is too dense to realize that staying until May is his wife’s subconscious last attempt to try to get him to stay with her. how could he be so dense to torture her by trying to stay and act calm in the situation. He is so dense and narcissistic – think about how someone else would feel for once in your life dude. He was attracted to strong and smart women because he doesn’t have the kahunas to be a man and just leave, clean and clear. If he was a real man he would’ve made a decision, divorced, waited for her to divorce, took a damn chance, and then commenced his new relationship.

  15. Does anyone know the song title or artist that keeps playing in the background???

  16. No fucking justice in this world. This asswipe cheats on his wife, gets the other woman killed, and his wife conveniently commits suicide. What does he get out of it? A fucking 20/20 special and the leisure of moving onto the next woman.

  17. Wife just couldn’t handle the rejection so it drove her to mental devastation. She knew no other way out but to kill herself to make the pain stop. But, she wasn’t going to give her husband and Meredith a clear path to happiness. Her spite to get even with him, was to take Meredith from him. Any one of us could find others more appealing, fresh and exciting then our spouse. But commitment and morality keeps us from cheating, committing adultery. His first mistake was reasoning in his mind and going out with Meredith for a drink when he knew in his heart that he was attracted to her.

  18. Where's part 4, 5,…?!!! Don't leave us hanging!

  19. Spy kits, sewing kits, and a divorce COACH. Chile….Yeah Jannair definitely had some time on her hands.

  20. What an asshole is this husband and it seems he still blames his wife??? my god!

  21. The moral of the story is:
    Don't cheat, stay single…

  22. I feel terrible for his wife. She asked and he denied it. So, she had to investigate bc she knew he wasn’t coming clean. It must of been so dramatic to hear their private conversations. It drove her over the edge.

  23. My coworker was friends with the mistress and the wife went to her house and killed her and then herself claiming she never wanted him to know happiness again. End of story since so called reporters can’t do it. I think she mentioned him writing a book of some sort as well because why not profit off of your disloyalty. He’s definitely trying to overplay the role of a heartbroken widower. He’s only sorry the aspect of him being such a piece of shit is being so openly publicized.

  24. Why do people blame Mark for this? What do you want from him? You want Mark to stay in a relationship he is clearly not happy with anymore? He doesn't love her anymore. It's his right to divorce and be with someone he loves or is happy being with. How is that selfish? The wife who wants her husband to stay with her even if he is happy IS the selfish one. She doesn't care ifs HE is happy or not, she only cares about HERself and her future, not the happiness of her husband. Yeah, it sucks to be left alone after 25 years of marriage, but that's life. You can't force other people to love you or to be with you. She looked like a control freak, and Mark didn't like that. He probably tried talking with her but she never listened.

  25. Why can't a divorce be easy… I just don't want this relationship anymore.

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