Monday , January 18 2021
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THE BAD NEWS WE WERE WAITING FOR … // Fashion Mumblr Vlogs

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  1. 🐶🐶 YOU guys Are The best Doggy parents!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🐶🐶
    Love y’all so much!!!!!!
    Sending positive vibes through ya second lockdown 🙏🏽

  2. The legs would need to be removed to wiggle through the doorway. Did you get it in the via the window?

  3. I really enjoy watching your vlogs.
    Hugs to you and Charlie ❤️. From California

  4. Please don’t refer to England as the UK. It isn’t enjoyable for people from the other, equally legitimate countries within the UK to hear. Scotland, for instance, is not part of your (England’s) lockdown.

  5. Hi, can you tell me the name of the antique shop you got your green leather chair from please. love your you tube channel xx

  6. Could you say again the face mask for men that Charlie mentioned. I’m making hundreds for men on Indian reservations here in the states. Thanks so much.

  7. I just love how laid back and down to earth y'all are! I can't afford half of the things you guys buy/do, but you're both so humble and chill I enjoy living vicariously through the two of you.

  8. can the legs come off of the chair? We had one that we could not get through the doorway but the legs came off and we pushed it in sideways!

  9. I'm so sorry (and really questioning why) that you poor people in England are being put through another lockdown. Even the WHO has said those are literally a last resort, and do nothing but buy time, not get rid of the virus. Here in Canada we've got some restrictions in place, but nothing like a lockdown. So sorry.

  10. Does your lamp need a lamp harp? Some stores carry them; you’ll want to get the right height one (I’ve mistakenly bought ones that were too short 🙂

  11. I could listen to you for hours. Please re-link your thermals especially since it’s getting cold

  12. I just love your vlogs. Staying with you, Charlie, Dexter and Dickens in your beautiful home in the Costwolds, even if it's for 44 minutes is a dream. Thank you for sharing your home and bringing England to me. 🙂

  13. Josie, may I say I think you seriously underestimate the positive contribution you are making in not only your content, but also in the way you present it. You are a joy to watch and there are many who have commented this as well. I apologize if I use you as a bit of escapism in a world that is so full of negativity and chaos but on the other hand, I'm so grateful to have found you (or did the universe bring you to me 😉). Either way, please continue being yourself…and know you are a breath of fresh air during this time of uncertainty. Namaste 🇨🇦

  14. Glad the witches are keeping their distance! 😂

  15. Dexie can be pure ‘thug life’ when out on a walk 🤣🐶😂
    That bouquet of flowers though! 😍

  16. Holy moly, I’m salivating 😂😂😂

  17. That basket of goodies from Belgravia had my green with envy! What a nice present! 😃

  18. Love your videos!❤️😘I have a suggestion about the placement of your desk, if you put it across the green empty wall (which is opposite the fireplace wall) and sit behind it so that your not facing the window nor the door, this position will allow more energy flowing by feng shui 😊😊🤗

  19. Another great vlog love your little family and sending bighugs to you all xx🐾🐾

  20. Josie could you do as many Christmassy themed videos as you can think of as watching your videos really brightens my day! And thank you so much for the work you put into your videos😘 xxxx

  21. We have a saying here in the US, "Life is short. Eat dessert first!"

  22. Hi Josie,
    I'm not one to usually comment but I wanted to let you know that we also are in lockdown (France) and your vlogs and you are my ray of sunshine. You feel like a genuine kind and nice person and it is a great delight to watch your videos. Thank you for all of your work!

  23. In Poland we start lockdown on saturday… We have buisness help from government but we still need to support each other.

  24. You can buy the attachment for the lamps from most shops! You can choose how high you want the lamp etc!

  25. If my husband would talk with me about our gutters, I think I wouldn’t really listen… but when Josie talks….😝😝😝

  26. Josie we here in Melbourne , Australia are just coming out of 3 months level 4 hard lockdown. The most severe in the world, even State borders sealed . Our economy has suffered but the majority of the people feel it has been worth it as we now have " double donut days" no cases ,no deaths each day the health officials broadcast the reports. We're also much more aware of how serious and deadly the virus isand nobody wants to go back there again.

  27. From your Thumbnail I thought the Bad News was that you Cannot now have your Patio Re-grouted and Charlies face even looks Disappointed looking at it haha, I think you meant the Boring Virus now x Love from Hull in East Yorkshire xxx

  28. In Western Australia they are talking of opening up our state borders to most of the rest of Australia in 9 days. I'm pretty excited because I married my husband during lockdown and have never met any of his family which are all in other states, so we are hoping to see them soon.
    People are talking about how lockdowns will be our life from now on and other viruses released. I'm pretty tired of it myself. One hospital in America said that in 4 weeks they had a years worth of suicides during lockdown. I really think these lockdowns do more harm then good, and I'm not sure that the deaths for covid are quite so many, as my friends friend was contacted and offered money to say that her mother, who died of old age in a home, died of covid. She refused, posted her outrage on Facebook, and Facebook deleted her comment.
    So please please don't feel too upset about the "deaths", as I am sure many are from other causes.
    Our Australian laws are getting crazier and crazier too… A recent law stated that police can enter any home without a warrant to check that covid safety measures are taking place. If not; our children can be taken off us.
    Another law states that police have the right to enter any home, remove any article of clothing (including underwear!) in order to force a vaccination.
    I have yet to see or hear these laws created, actually taking place, but I am quite nervous.
    Our government is trying to stop Australians from being able to see or share content from overseas too.
    I am more concerned about laws being enacted and the destruction of peoples lives and livelihood because of these laws, then covid itself.

  29. Lovely vlog again. I can not wait for Christmas content! Josie your hair is getting so long again. Love it! I remember your earliest blogs, your hair was sooo long!

  30. Thank You Josie for being you. Ditto on the comment of Borah B. It said it all. Wishing you & Charlie a safe and productive lock down.

  31. Yes please on blogging tips!

  32. I wonder where Josie is now going to where her gazillion clothes she has been buying!! 🤓

  33. Well done guys… you guys need to write a cook book ..

  34. I’m holding a prayer for you, Charlie, and the doggie boys. I know lockdown can be very stressful. Will be looking forward to your videos—they have helped keep me sane. If you need anything from your viewers, please let us know! Sending love from an ocean away!

  35. Oh how lovely! Tummy bath! I love coming home after shifts to watch your vlogs, guttering and all!! 💘🎀🎀🎀

  36. You dress like an old hag. ❤️

  37. Here in Germany we are in lockdown currently as well 🙁

  38. We are in lockdown again as well in Belgium, it's hard. Hoping for better days to come. I have to disagree with Charlie, about the chocolates being the Laduree of chocolats 😁. Being from Belgium, I can only say we have the best chocolate; Godiva, Neuhaus to name a couple 😉

  39. My mom and I took what we had left over some old white candles and melted them down and Took fresh leaves and dip them in the wax. Then you lay them out to dry and then it keeps those leaves fresh and pretty to decorate with for fall 😊🍁

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