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  1. Your videos r awesome 😍😍

  2. So this takes about how long to complete at the gym. Like over an hour right?

  3. Do u have a lose weight program at home ?

  4. Love watching these videos I’m a single mom of 3 and I’m ready to get my high school body back I wish I could afford your home workout equipment and workout from home one of these days I’ll get it and start working out I will keep watching you tho keep it up

  5. im going to miss her ;-; so proud

  6. Question. Do you add the burpee time for the HIT workout? Or you only add the 30 second jump rope and rest time?

  7. The fact that even the little dog is there supporting, paying close attention on everything they say and do 😭😍

  8. Question, what if you’re super over weight and your goal is to lose 100 pounds? Would I see be doing these exercises or would I be focusing on something else like cardio?

  9. Janet looking SNATCHED! Booty lookin fat ! So proud of you !

  10. I love that she brings her baby to the workout sessions
    Thats dedication….no excuses

  11. What a cute baby! So sweet🤗

  12. Are you tired from the hard exercise?
    Loking for an easy way to lose some weight?
    You must have RASPBERRY KETONE MAX

    The best way to lose weight

  13. Love her transformation she looks amazing… Keep going girl you got this

  14. I did the assisted pull ups but I put my knee in the band not my foot and it seems more comfortable

  15. You are a very good and dedicated trainer!

  16. What bands do you use for pull-ups?

  17. Please post the workout in the description. It's so much easier to follow booty king.

  18. I want to lose arm fat, but I don’t want to look buff 💪🏾 😯 what should I do. ??

    And by the way I see a difference in Janet 🤗

  19. Can you do a video on the things you use to record your videos please

  20. Janet is fucken killing it. she is dedicated and working her ass off and she is looking amazing and I'm so excited to see her before and after in the next few weeks .anthony is an amazing instructor you got her doing what she needs to do, motivating her to push her self to constantly set new limits to pass. It'd be cool if your getting thick series was this motivating but it all leads back to how bad do you want it

  21. I been following this transformation & OMG SHE IS KILLING IT!! & so are you for being so motivating & pushing her!! 🥳🥳

  22. At 21:05 “How?” 💀 I can totally see me wondering how the heck I’m going to jump over 😅 Yay! You did it Janet you’re a badass 👑 You’re such an inspiration beautiful 💪 Your hard work is showing!

  23. YAY HIIT CARDIO i been asking for this lol.. thx!!

  24. Can I do the HITT workout after the booty workouts? or is that too much

  25. where is Janet's beige/ dusty rose tee from? loving the shorter length in the back!

  26. How I wish you could be my trainer 😭😭

  27. She looks so good!!! Hard work is paying off 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  28. She only had a lil stomach, slim arms and legs really. Can’t wait to see her full transformation . Plus she has a booty already, you get it sis💖.

  29. You can see a big difference in her body honestly!!!! Great job girl!

  30. Janet I've been following your journey and I'm so inspired by you girl. Keep working it girl ❤❤❤❤

  31. 1:48 IM FUCKING DEAD 😭😭😂😂😂 Booty king: “do you feel like you see a difference in mommy? Nod your head. moves carseat up and down “You do?”
    Baby: nods no
    Booty king: No? Wait did she say no”

  32. Go Janet!! You are awesome! Lmao,@ the do they hurt? "your tits" hahaha hahahaha lolllll

  33. Janet looking bomb 💪🏽

    You Go Girl!!! We proud of you love keep going. I’m on this journey with you.

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