Wednesday , November 25 2020
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The Best Summer Day; Meeting GRUMPY CAT and a #BeautifullySwedish dinner!

The most perfect Summer Day! I met GRUMPY Cat – yes, the REAL Grumpy Cat, and had a fab workout with Sweaty Betty, before an incredible Swedish evening with Rekorderlig!

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* This video is in collaboration with Rekorderlig who kindly invited me to join them for their #BeautifullySwedish dinner!

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  1. Josie, this just popped up on my feed and I've been giggling the whole way through. Especially when you made me get up and sing in Swedish in front of everyone hahaha. This was such a fun day xx

  2. Grumpy Cat is actually girl not a boy.

  3. Watched your vlog last night on a catch up binge 😊 Love it.
    Intrigued by the rekorderlig cider. Whilst in Sobeys liquor (I'm a Brit expat living in Canada) there it was! Tried the strawberry-lime, it was so nice! Wouldn't have even thought about trying it, if I'd not seen your vlog! Thank you.
    Keep doing, what you're doing. Love watching your vlogs, I have a little miniature dachshund called Darcy, same colouring as Dexter but short haired. Love doxies ❤️ Look forward to watching more vlogs. Xx

  4. I really like your vlogs and ah Im so jealous Grumpy cat is the cutest! Hope you enjoyed your swedish dinner yeah we like to have a lot of small courses 😉 Rekorderlig Cider was the first alcoholic drink I ever had,in Sweden you often just add ice to them and drink. (Midsommarstång the name of the boat is a kind off decoration like a very big cross with two rings hanging from it that we decorate with flowers and green leafs at what we call Midsummereve in the end of June and dance around, yeah I know it sounds wierd you have to see it to understand, and then we eat some of the stuff you had and drink a lot of snaps) You should visit Sweden its beautiful especially in the summer

  5. I want that sports bra! So pretty!

  6. I went in love with Grumpy Cat, want the pijamas!! 😉 Swedish dinner must be amazing as well! Beautiful vlog as always darling!

  7. That dinner party looked amazing! Also, do you mind me asking where you got your feather necklace from? It's so beautiful! ❤️

  8. Looks like the perfect day! Grumpy cat was the highlight haha xx

  9. I love all your videos, they really relax me after a stressful day Xx💕💫

  10. Love these chatty London vlogs. Looks like an awesome day. 🙂

  11. gimme me the kitty 😀
    Great video – it all looked the most fun.

  12. I just love your entire wardrobe! I feel like I say this on every video 🙈but where is your stripey playsuit from?! X

  13. Wow looks like a busy day!!! Really good vlog, I love your black crisis-crossy gym top!!!❤️❤️

  14. Looked like you had so much fun! Love the sweaty betty top 😍

  15. Dexter!!! Looks like you had a fun day. That grumpy cat is too much…cuteness overload!!!  Love your vlogs! 🙂

  16. girls just wanna have fun! 😊👍

  17. Aww grumpy cat looked adorable! Looked like a lot of fun 🙂 x

  18. Awesome vlog. Kinda missing the chatty vlogs

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