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Valentino Rockstud sandals –
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Metallic Valentino Rockstud sandals (similar) –
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Valentino Rockstud bag (similar) –
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Chloé Nile bag (similar) –
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Moon boots –
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Chloé sandals –
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Chloé slides –
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Valentino slides –
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Chloé Tess bag –
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Chloé C bag (similar) –
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Teddy coat –
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Chloé boots –
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Chloé trainers –
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Black Friday Hub –
Makeup brush –
Jim Lawrence lighting –
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Self-Portrait dress (similar) –
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  1. £1000 bag worn 500 times would get you £2 per wear…not £5. Very basic math.
    Tacky Valentino boots match the IQ.

  2. I feel like I should know this but what kind of content does Charlie do? Food and fashion? What's his IG handle? I would love to follow him

  3. How do you keep your white shoes so clean? 👏

  4. Still planning upon my first luxury purchase, this video is helpful to know what you recommend! Thank you 💕

  5. The Kirkwood gray would be perfect for my wardrobe. That gray is one of my base colors. How is the comfort?

  6. I"m not a fan of gold, but camel + gold rocks. I have several camel bags with gold detail and I LOVE THEM. Haven't picked up camel footwear yet….maybe next year.

  7. You plonker…like Josie would say

  8. Nice video but if I hear that some pieces will still be worn after 10 or more years after buying them, then I won't quite bite into this 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I like slow fashion and I prefer to have good quality pieces but I don't expect to wear them over 5 years max 🙂
    There are several reasons why – I can think of at least three now.
    Firstly, materials/fibres do age. For example artificial materials like polyester, acrylic, nylon will fade and become fragile, everything containing elasthane will just lose its elasticity over time. About natural materials – silk also just dissolves and fades over time (take a look at vintage garments) even when gently worn and taken reasonable care for. Btw, I think wool is probably the most time-resistant fibre.
    Glue in your shoes will dissolve over the years.(Lower-quality) leather can lose its color and become spotty, especially patent leather which may become "sticky".
    And price is not indication of longevity – we all know how low quality pieces can be very expensive.
    You may even not wear an item very much but it can just "fall apart" due to processes in the materials' molecular structure.
    Secondly, one's style will evolve over the years and with age. There may come a time when you would like different, new colors in your wardrobe. I used to wear black. Then I used to wear red. For years. Now, I don't have neither of them in my wardrobe. And you would like different silhouettes. Also, fashion evolves and materials evolve – I think in 10 years time we may have "smart clothes" or at least more sustainable fabrics. This means, you will not want to wear your old things any more because there are just clearly better ones available. For exanple, onewould not want to change one's light and proper sportswear for thick lambswool sweaters/coats one (or one's parents) used to ski in.
    And third, womans' body and life both evolve. I still have my graduation dress and the costume I wore at my thesis defence about 20 years ago. I would wear them because I still like them (also the colors and cuts), but I don't fit into them unfortunately. The body structure of a 25 y-o woman is very different from that of 35 y-o and 45 y-o (and so on) And there probably comes a time in life, when you find light wool coats and white canvas bags as well as any form of heels unbelivably unpractical 😀 At least for some period of time.
    So do take this as encouragement to choose your wardrobe contents well (natural, sustainable, true to your style) but don't put much expectation on over 5 years of lifespan – just wear them now, wear them with love and appreciation 🙂

  9. Those Valentino boot are awful sorry to say. I really don't like the logo. Can't see you wear them my darling.

  10. I love the feeling of my gut being wrenched when she says she puts her designer bag on the floor of a train 🙃 I don’t even do that with my Kmart bags!

  11. the leek by the washing machine had my ROFL!

  12. I love your videos! It’s just shame you put so so soo many ads!

  13. LOL But, Josie, what if Doris down the road is a fashion icon? She’ll never forgive the comment, you know.
    Thanks for your hard work.

  14. Where on the farfetch website do you apply the discount code? Checkout just takes me to payment details …

  15. Josie, you truly inspire me. Love your vlogs and fashion videos.

  16. STILL LAUGHING at the 'leek by the washing machine' … gosh, that was so funny – thank you, I needed that!! 🙂 you're awesome!

  17. Josie, the Gymshark Whitney leggings that you have, the Whitney rib waist leggings, are actually still in stock in certain colours and sizes! At least in the Canadian site. There were two styles of Whitney leggings; the rib waist are my preference because they're higher waisted, but no one talks about them!

  18. You are beautiful… Looks & delightful personality! Luv the variety of your channel 🌷

  19. I hear a lot of people say they bought stuff on a voucher but then put a lot of money towards their purchases as well. Does that mean you’re paying for your partnership, or do you get paid a fee + you get a voucher? I’m just legitimately curious. Not one of those weirdos trying to trip you up over every word

  20. Doris down the road 😂😂

  21. Don't forget we want to see Charlie's closet set up.

  22. I’ve always wanted to ask people who “ show” their shoes and grab the bottom of them and then touch the hair, face, clothes, but didn’t want to seem rude….but why?

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