Thursday , August 11 2022

The Biden admin has been an 'obstacle' towards fighting inflation: Steve Forbes

32 Advisors founder and CEO Robert Wolf and Forbes Media chairman Steve Forbes weigh in on Biden’s handling of the United States’ inflation crisis on ‘Fox Business Tonight.’
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  1. So the word is finally out. All these price hikes this inflation is part of his dumbass plan.
    So he's pandering everywhere he can to try to change the narrative for the upcoming election.
    No he's going to have to pull some kind of stunt to cheat in this election or the dams are in big trouble


  3. This problem is NOT a mistake! THEY have engineered it ON PURPOSE! WAKE UP, America!. You have been taken for a ride.

  4. Why did she give that drooling idiot so much time when we could have been listening to Steve Forbes instead?

  5. The American people, 2017: why are BIG CORP CEOs buying up share of their companies while people were selling?
    The American people, 2017: jeez, how in the hell are these NO NAME STARTUPS going public without due diligence and normal qualifications? SPACS? Hmm.. not sure! Deregulations?
    Also The American people: we want a leader who knows how to make boat loads of money without paying taxes! Maybe a bankrupt businessman could do this well?
    The American people: we're patriots. We believe in Bitcoin, not the Dollar, as The World Reserve Currency!

  6. Oh ok! 2018: Hey Powell.. why are you proposing to postpone raising the rate?

  7. The Fed is a privately owned bank, and the president has no control over who works there. The Fed is a bunch of thieving scoundrels operating behind a smoke screen of legitimacy and an illusion of officialdom.

  8. Not a dam. Thing. Blame. And. lie. To. The. Nation. Biden. Need. To. Go. Now. He. Doing. This on. Purpose. To. This. Nation. Trump. Had. The. Nation. Move. He f__k. It up. Big. Time. Now. We. Are in. A. Big mess.

  9. The Dem admin is a disaster!

  10. We are missing their hidden agenda “total destruction” still thinking we can address concepts of preservation of what is left.

  11. President Xi will be nodding in approval … the was certainly a good 31 million dollar investment in ol Joe

  12. Advancing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's what why i trade with mrs Eva heather, her trading skills set is exceptional.

  13. Biden and the other dems all hate America and are traitors. how can he have beaten trump?

  14. Hmmm mmmmmm mmmmmm duh

  15. More rhetorical nonsense from the Biden administration and his coalition of the stupid.

  16. Elections have consequences. Fraudulent elections have bigger consequences. Millions of people have seen 2000 Mules and fox never mentions it. ???

  17. Foreign Wind Farms will Not Work. Whoa. Who is working? Biden is on permanent vacation.

  18. you don't know the real enemy… the central banksters… CBD central bank dynasty control all currency printing… bribe all national gvts.. 99% you will didagree and support the crooks .. CBD central bank dynasty… rockies .. rothies … morgies .. warbux… aldrichies.. etc

  19. Where is this guy coming from he thinks the tax holiday is going to help the Americans 18 freaking cents that doesn’t even buy a candy bar he needs to go back to school and learn economics and that the buck stops here needs to stay here in America not in other countries we Americans need jobs to feed our family fill our cars up keep the people in Mexico. This is the United States we need to worry about The American people not the illegals just keep them out tell them to stay home nobody wants them here.

  20. His administration has failed on ever issue. They are a disgrace and soon they will turn on each other.

  21. The cost of living is currently getting very high and frightening. we're living in crazy days, inflation ,debt, price hikes and everything. How long can we really go on like this? Any pointers on how to make substantial progress in income? I would appreciate it. Interesting, how i keep reading about people making multi digit incomes from one investment or another, I really need good ways to boost my finances

  22. It’s not the mothers body .. it has its own dna brain and heart beat .. put music on her belly and it dances aka it has a soul .. stop murdering babies

  23. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 👹 Cause of Global Warming!

  24. I think "QUID PRO QUO, CHINA JOE" has more monikers than any other President.
    Bejing Biden, BLAME GAME BIDEN should be added to the list. The other names aren't coming to me at the moment. Please reply with others I have forgotten.

  25. Loosen supply chain in what country this guy is one big liar

  26. Beijing Biden — make China great again!

  27. All of this is completely intentional. We are the frog in the pot of boiling water…our enemies can't get enough…and Hunter is laughing all of the way to Beijing.

  28. FOX news and sky News are the propaganda machine for the Trump Putin Team. Fox recently lost around 2 Billion in a lawsuit from a voting machine manufacturer that was slandered by Fox News. Fox supports Trump's losing team and they will be broke soon – Imagine Rupert Murdock Broke!!!

  29. Yep our government is completely against everything America Freedom this is wrong. We ain't going to let this go!

  30. Well the people voted him in,& u got him another 2years I hope trump gets in in2024

  31. YEA… uh…the US and PALS are constipated on their own sht…

  32. We can talk till we run out of voice but Brandon not listening. He only listens to his out of touch handler