The Biden admin is delusional: Sen. Ron Johnson

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., calls out President Biden’s reckless spending on ‘Kudlow.’

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  1. So now they want to arrest Trump, yet the crackhead who filmed himself committing multiple felonies and dumps handguns into trash cans still roams free.
    Sure, totally not biased.

  2. Soon CCP will own this country

  3. I admit that the federal government agencies have become an organized criminal empire, but I don't understand how the original Mafia who prospered under our Democratic-Republic can sit by and watch as the feds eat their lunch. Maybe a few Jimmy Hoffas are needed to scare them honest again. At least back then, the federal government was much, much more righteous then today.

  4. We are so far down the road of total government corruption, I don't think this generation has what it takes to preserve and regain what we've lost under Biden's Adm., FBI, DoJ, Homeland Security and others. They've used every distraction known to keep the people at each other's throats as they quietly strip away the Constitution. People are too engrossed in their genitals, gender and pronouns to see that they are helping to orchestrate their own subjugation to this government that is now overwhelmingly totalitarian. Especially the FBI and DoJ.

  5. Trump republicans cut corporate taxes on the richest Americans 40% in 2017, causing a 1.8 TRILLION tax revenue deficit!!! Fix THAT!!!

  6. It's past time to come out and say . The destruction of our economy is intentional.
    Ruining our economy is a step tword their goal of dictatorship.

  7. Ronanon the shill .

  8. What aTeam….from Biden, Kamala, Kirby, Powell, Yellen, Mayorkas, Buttigieg plus Fauci….No wonder America have these as leaders…What a Joke…Anybody else….add Hunter…ha.ha.ha…

  9. Why do we even have half of these government wankers? They suck up a salary and never get it right.

  10. Amen!!!!! Senator Ron Johnson, so grateful that you have your feet on level ground! God bless you.❤😊

  11. She is unbelievable. They follow some “imaginary” idea that “no worries, just print some more…”

  12. Yellon answers were sub par on everything.

  13. Janet Yellen is really Aunt Clara from Bewitched

  14. No faith in this current time. The proof is what we deal with . May God Bless The United States and Citizens.😊

  15. I wonder what's worst? People stating senile Beijing Biden and his admin are delusional but no one is doing about it. There goes our tax dollars leeched off by useless leeches.

  16. This woman is a total idiot or lying through her teeth. It's like Bill Cosby used to say "that's brain damage!".

  17. Paula Jones was paid by Bill Clinton 850,000 and no one cared


  19. These CORRUPT members of CONGRESS are NOT in DENIAL, **THEY ARE LYING**

  20. Yellin is a dishonest disgrace. Another Biden tool. No independent honest thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Stop spending money. Printing worthless money devalues the money sand drives up prices.

  22. The privacy issue was not a part of the laptop repair agreement. The laptop repair guy will not be liable for the privacy violation in court. A private citizen involved with, a Federal Worker who can change the US policy of China to affect China's business, technology, and military actions, is a Federal Crime. Furthermore, the Federal Worker received more than "$20" which is an Ethics Crime and a Corruption Crime. If the policy affects the National Security issue, the Federal Worker also committed a Treason crime.

  23. Biden wants to give America's money away like if his own! So every dollar him and his son made needs to be payed back to our country.

  24. Ron Johnson is an Insurrectionist.

  25. It's a cult where the news

  26. Robberies doesn't have time to wait and count how much money they take

  27. Lunatic running the government


  29. She's not worried about wrecking her reputation. She's old.
    She's not going anywhere after this.
    She's following orders.

  30. This is the people that are destroying America…..

  31. We are in free fall. 15 years of QE, bailouts and poor fiscal management at the government level and at the citizen level(most Americans have no self control). It’s going to be a shock. And if there is anything like the China/Covid virus bailouts, this country will not recover.

  32. I wish one dem would tell the truth, that they are destabalizing our country on purpose to bring in their new world order.

  33. America crimes against mykaleen Jeanie misner justice ⚖Universal judgment

  34. Biden’s simply stealing from taxpayers for his big donors! In fact, 55 million years ago the Arctic was once a lot like Miami, with an average temperature of 74 degrees, alligator ancestors and palm trees, scientists say. !! TELL me why Biden’s telling Taxpayers what DAM washing machine and Stove they’re ALLOWED to buy ?pure politics that benefits his RICH Donors

  35. You people are as delusional as lying Ron Johnson that's why he's on fox fake news telling he's lies because they are not going to fact check him.

  36. I like Ron Johnson, but he is clueless right now because this is about digital currency. This has nothing to do with esg or dei. This has to do with the Democrats trying to nationalize the banking system, which is why they don't want to help the little Banks. The small banks are likely not to go for digital currency, so they need to be shut down. Although be left are the big Banks which are corrupted so they will go for a centralized digital currency. We can not let this happen, or the world will end

  37. Talk delusional lmao 😂. Johnson talking to a phone turned off to avoid questions about his part in the fake electors scheme.

  38. Sick of "beat the clock" questioning!!
    This administration denies all the problems, as if closing their eyes like a 1yr old makes things disappear!

  39. We are witnessing the purposeful destruction of the country to usher in the reset. Look for a fed CBDC to help TPTB control everyone.

  40. Janet yellin is a clueless elitist that thinks she can keep printing, spending, borrowing without ramifications

  41. The Democrats handling of the Economy is like giving your 15 yr old daughter your Gold card. No Idea of how to handle the responsibility. FJB