Sunday , August 1 2021
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The big business of video game tournaments

Video games and esports journalist Rod Breslau on the big business of video games.

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  1. It always amuses me how, my whole life, Republicans, especially Libertarians, hated videogames because they thought the virtual experience was defrauding them of military enlistments and people taking real-life risks for adventure, until they saw how much financial potential was in the industry. Now they love videogames. Sometimes the Right is as silly as the Left…

  2. Stay out of our Games, we have been fine without you.

  3. Epstine was killed and fox disabled comments… Never forget.

  4. Are you people nuts?  Talking to another human being face to face is social; not texting them.

  5. Fox is disabling comments for narrative control a deepstate tool. ! G a b .com speak freely. Have conversations. Enjoy free-speech.. Do it now!

  6. It really is preparation for a career. There are many games I'm really good at because I've just played so much when i was in high school, but now that I'm in a different career (insurance), I can't put in the hours to keep up with the other players on those games.

    Now I play games I like in my free time, but not competitively like I used to

  7. How about instead you cover the military industrial complex.

  8. Next thing you know they'll be calling for 5g again … play a game or die trying … Maybe both …..

  9. Trashcan 2 has prize pool of 32m and its tournament being played now

  10. Take a good look at the guy saying that games are not addictive and his motel tan. He said 8 hours a day. And many people in there 30s and even 40s are living at home with their parents and playing games all day and are unhealthy. This has much more in common as the new opiate of the masses than he wants to let on. People caught up in fantasy are distracted from reality and we pay dearly for our excapes.

  11. You are late to the game. Gaming has been massive for over 5+ years now. Colleges offering scholarships and Athletic participation among children has drastically dropped. The Dota tournament gets more viewers than the World Series, NBA finals combined.

  12. I'd rather my kid be outside with real talent than inside watching a box for 8 hours.
    Not changing my mind on that no matter how much money these kids might make.

  13. "One of the most social things you can do online"

    Welcome to 2019

  14. If it were up to me the gaming business would be bankrupt. Games are a total waste of time.

  15. Epstein was killed and Fox disabled comments, never forget.

  16. Honestly.. RH Negatives rule it as balanced players .

  17. Really. NOT ONE mention if starcraft…. Surprised Natiral Selection has been neglected.

    I'm noticing a Chinese trend here.

    As if the Korean gaming never existed. And Americans played them.

  18. Uh…..another reason to ban the NCAA. I wrestled D-1. What the NCAA is becoming makes me sick. Same with the gaming industry. Wall Street got in and we got……Fallout 76. If you dont know look it up.

  19. Too bad Apple sucks for video games.

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