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The border wall isn’t just a ‘vanity project’: Mark Morgan

Acting Customs and Border Protection commissioner Mark Morgan says illegal immigration is a national security crisis.

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  1. For all you patriots that parents or grand parents that came here, without papers im sure their looking down on and saying what are you doing, you would not be here now had they not allowed me in america😃
    Aw who cares their gone !

  2. The wall will keep loan sharks and cartel out

  3. Build the wall, it WILL PAY FOR ITSELF ,in saved lives, humanitarian efforts, housing, wages, etc. Let's take care of our own homeless in America! America First! Trump 2020!

  4. In other news, some jerk with a laser cutter made hundreds of doorways in the wall last night…

  5. The wall is putting money in Kushner pocket! That's what the wall is about $

  6. Seems like cartels are working to protect their interests internationally. We canNOT have sanctuary ANYthing in the U.S. when it comes to sick animals!

  7. National pride and $$ thru work are better for ANY country than $$ thru crime. IMO, violent criminals (MS13 gangs, etc.) attack ANYONE (US or Mexican ) who stand in their way. Is it time for international anti-crime cooperation agreements? (Yes, I see the problems….) ALL countries need strong, PATRIOTIC leaders like Trump!! (and patriotic citizens who THINK logically.)

  8. Start charging the jails money`s for letting rapists, murderers, thieves go. An automatic reduction of $25,000.00 to $100,000.00 for crimes committed. Stop this crazy business of letting illegals go? Go where even a City or County wants to know where you`re going after release from jail? They just turn them loose? Something really rotten here.

  9. Take the welfare and food stamps benefits away from illegals, kids, daca, dreamers and cut useless Dems pay, they R over paid. Use the money on the wall. Can make the illegals build the wall , because they have already been paid.

  10. If Trump wanted open borders, the wall would have been done in 2017. We would have stricter immigration policies, and it would be much harder to seek asylum.

  11. Beuty – The updated debate(To the saint soldiers of old):
    if beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. You have been made vain to believe.. For the well kept are put forward for bellieveabillity For the world to afford the best lawyers have every intention of being sincere.. For the LIE get trampled and it's trample gets trumped by the Trump.. For the objective LIE is the only form it's been allowed to be.. Vanity you can barter. For you are destroying your children's naive beliefs like Santa… To fool them that you cared for the truth rather than a DEAL.. That is the "truth" you have set up camp with.. A DEAL like and with the appearance IDEAL.. For you would rather have the world worship/warship your trade idol.. Than say to them… TRUST IN GOD!! that's what we do.. God can't save you from everyone's eventual rightful place to stink and rot.. But why should vanity be so indistinct?? It deserves it's own.. It will get it..
    Everybody's gone steeeeeeenkeeeeeeeng.. Vanity just got real..

  12. Why don’t we deport the illegal immigrants and make an arrangement to their nation to prison them? I’m sure they’ll do it at a fraction of the cost here so we can free up space for other domestic felons. Can you imagine the left and the ACLU going sideways on this proposal?

  13. Big Ebola outbreaks in Africa. How many people carrying the disease are headed to the U.S? I guess the Dems don't care if they stream across the border. I hope they head for San Francisco.

  14. Have we even built 50 new miles of border wall? I'm wondering if anything is really getting done.

  15. You fine a business that hires illegals $100K per illegal and put the CEO in jail for a year, and there will be no jobs for illegals. No jobs, they'll self-deport.

  16. Mark and Lou we thank you for all your hard work but and this land needs more people to keep this illegals out of here illegals and more illegals probably over 200 millions of them illegals , you just think since the1500's we been reciving this people mostly by boat. can we deport them all back where they came from??



  19. When Ebola comes across that border one party will cease to exist along with all of the American who die, Also Mexican people because of them

  20. They just released almost 500 illegals
    here in North Carolina!!!!!

  21. Ask why the left runs their program on everything protecting the encouragement of lawlessness and protecting law breaking. Even when it's law breaking by those not in the U.S.

  22. Im in san diego…vista exactly…we are flooded with illegals…employers are hiring them when they know their green cards are fake!

  23. Keep the factual statistics on illegals & crime & cost to us taxpayers……please

  24. They come over here and become government assistance parasites while they work for cash. Many odd jobs pay cash, so they are criminals on day one for not paying taxes either.

  25. This wall means so much more than just a wall…. OUR COUNTRY's security, sovernty ,stopping drugs,child trafficking, adult trafficking, gangs,SCUM from other countries etc…. if we can't feel safe in our own homes ?? Then where else ???

  26. If Mexico doesn't want to be a "Safe 3rd country " then THEY should CLOSE THEIR SOUTHERN BORDERS!
    You won't believe the videos of the free crossings from Guatemala! Just jump on a raft & in 5 or 10 min you are in Mexico!
    Mexican people don't want them EITHER!

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