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The Briefing Room: Bolton out, Trump approval rating, gun control, 2020 debate | ABC News

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  1. lmaooooo Yo there's no one beating trump trust me. I can beat him tho…



  4. Thanks for the GOOD news like the good old newspaper. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♂️💋👩🏾‍💻

  5. You get those GODDAMN FUCKING Democrats out of my state of Texas! I have NO MERCY FOR THOSE LIBERAL TRUMP-HATERS! ALL OF THEM!!!🇺🇸😡⚔🏹💣💥🗡🛡

  6. Why is Biden on top? Y'all crazy

  7. This is obviously a democratic news organization

  8. Elizabeth Warren? Your an ass! A dumb one at that!

  9. That isn't an accurate statistic. .. most Republicans don't even participate in these poles

  10. Trump has been CLEANING HOUSE! THE ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF IS WHEN TRUMP SEES CORRUPTION he takes care of it. What else can it be? He is the President of the United States and if you disagree with the president you lose period end of story! Trump is not your common politician and I actually respect that!

  11. I respect BOLTON AVE =Trump idiot fired the best strategist how he now figth VS russia+china? this now his problem it not wall mart (sor BRO) i teach for best makein bolton… nuklear wapon all failed!!! start you now were not garanted *i alrady nowed howmany problem last next WH admin* (debate qvestons LMAOS) democrat republican who care 0 ideas 0 result…

  12. Research your candidate Democrats #WALKAWAY and join us in protecting Our Country from socialism. Trump 2020

  13. We don't need gun control laws. We need to get rid of the politicians and government making the laws. This just proves to me that right wing or left wing it's all the same bird.

  14. Here let me make is as simple as possible, even a Democrat can understand it. You piss off your boss…Your pissed off boss FIRES YOU!! Enough said!!

  15. The x investigation is coming to bite those dems. Justice to all those, used an abused. Its coming………

  16. Donald Trump the president of the United States of America should be embarrassed because he has made arrangements with the same people that drove planes into the World Trade Center in the same people that drove a plane into the Pentagon he have made for rangement stew be at peace with these folks think about that for a minute now all those people in the First Responders all those lies done been taken because of the inability of the United States of America making a treaty with a terrorist I know Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave right now and I know JFK is turning over in his grave right now and I know George Washington car is turning over in his grave right now trying to understand the concept of what Donald Trump is doing now he don't understand what's so ever what he is doing he is making friends with the same people that killed all of us that wanted to as they say Western us Americans died

  17. And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.All these are the beginning of sorrows.
    ~ Matthew 24:6-8~

  18. People of America will fired Trump in 2020 elections.

  19. The Democrat and Republican parties have been infiltrated by
    Communists.  The goal is to destroy the
    constitution, take power from the people and give to the government and then use
    their power to control what you eat, your healthcare, how you travel, and take
    away your means to defend yourself.    They use mass shootings and climate change to
    justify their tyranny.

  20. I used to be a loyal ABC news fan but all you guys do now is LIE!! Who did you get to respond to these so called polls??? You didn’t ask me!!!! MAGA TRUMP 2020!!!!

  21. Trump 2020, ABC news approval down

  22. Trump had to change the news of him taking military money at his hotels over seas

  23. Donald Trump should not keep any of his officer for more than few days, never more than a week….he should keep firing his senior officers every week… chance to new faces to further complicate US positions for the sake of world peace….

  24. Leave the guns alone. There is no one asking for gun control. Just you communist. That's how Hitler started. Go away back to Germany. And leave us Americans alone.

  25. What will you do when Trump wins in 2020:
    -Burn down your city
    -Scream at the sky
    -Violently attack a Trump supporter
    -Ask the FBI and DOJ to attempt another coup
    -Blame the Russians
    -Buy Joe Biden's book detailing why he lost called "Russia 2.0"
    -Move to another country (Still waiting on half of Hollywood to fulfill this promise)
    – Try to trigger a civil war
    – Enjoy life and prosper under the Trump economy

  26. I considered selling my weapons back to the government, but after a background check and thorough investigation into the buyer, I determined the buyer has a history of violence and mentally unstable. Big risk to the general population.

  27. The more people with firearms, the less mass shootings.

  28. Trump is continuing to fulfill his campaign promises. Bolton is driven by war. In fact democrats love war as long as they aren't the participants. Bring our troops home. TRUMP 2020! Because he is a winner.

  29. Republicans and Democrats are both working for the interests of the big banks not the people….I think it's pretty clear now

  30. Congress and the Senators wont do fuck all! our prayers and support for the love one! always the same

  31. It's because Bolton refused to stay at the Trump Turncoat property in Scotland on a fake layover just so Trump could continue bilking government resources to save his belly up property.

  32. Ding Dong, which old witch, this old witch… Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

  33. Trump Approval Rating: Down.
    Hotel: Still Trivago. (Could not refuse.).

  34. It’s now obvious, trump is flailing and he is failing. The man is overwhelmed by the ponderousness of the office he holds and is clearly inept and unfit for the presidency.

  35. REPUBLICAN /Washington , " u R all in NRA's pocket"

  36. love our president smart !!

  37. our economy has been a farce for decades… lol.. anyone paying attention to our 'air backed' fiat currency knows this…. foolish sheep just follow and blindly believe what they hear, tho. americans need to get out of debt, stop charging everything, stop living beyond your means… invest in silver, gold if you can afford it and get possession of it. the dollar has been a shit show since we stopped it being backed by gold. now, its not backed by anything tangible… just the people in debt will become underclass of the new society!

    this is why we won't give up the 2nd amendment as it stands today, without a fight… keep pushing and american workers stop going to work, its domino affect from there- workers don't work, no taxes get paid, gov't cannot function without taxpayers! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOV"T FUNDED. everything done in the usa, is done on the backs of taxpayers… learn your economy and research yourself for facts.. read both sides, know the lies we're being fed! this is not a trump issue, not a political party issue, not a radical point of view– this is fact. the american taxpayer is how our economy is funded, we hold the cards…

    make the politicians work for you, not the way it is today!

  38. Not enough armed citizans to protect the ( dumb ) un armed !!
    We need more legal gun owners !
    Stop tying our hands !!

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