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The Briefing Room: Democrat debate podium reveal, Hurricane Dorian Comey IG report | ABC News

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  1. I believe I found out that an under ground group has built a secret pathway into the white house and ran fiber optic wire threw the pathway so they can conduct there operation. I hope the group does not try to put me away or even kill me because I told people about it and posted it

  2. It's time for a revolution in America. This government does not care about the people.

  3. Well getting tulsi out only makes sure trump will win

  4. A white woman who thinks she is Indian, A privied Black woman who thinks she is from the Ghetto, A Gay religious man,  and a VP that didnt do shit for 8 years and still doesnt know what day of the week it is.  Now all they need to add is a lil Fire water, Mad Dog 20/20, Holy water and some Depends and Geritol to this class act.

    This is gonna be better than any Jerry Springer show so get your popcorn ready!.😂🤣

  5. democrats remind me of homeless people wearing tin foil hats.. maybe not so much the politicians but the ppl that vote for them

  6. Bernie Sanders 2020 NO corporate money! You never give Bernie Sanders any attention very unfair!

  7. The Democratic National Committee had poles where they basically pole people in old folks home and ask them who they wanted to run. The younger candidates are at a disadvantage in phone poles. We're going to end up voting for people that were chosen by people who answer their telephone and answer your phone poles.

  8. Tulsi Gabbard should have made and everyone knows it. TulsiGabbard 2020!!!

  9. DNC screwed Tulsi outta the debate! She was polling but the DNC said they didn’t except those polls🤬 This is their payback after 2016. Both parties are corrupt! 🤦‍♀️

  10. Bullshit. Fake ass news and fixed debate. I will write in Tulsi Gabbard and i hope every American will. Then when the democrats fuck us again there will be REVOLUTION !!!!!!

  11. Tulsi Gabard was the only reason I watched this crap. The Democrats cheated their best prospect, again

  12. Trump calling anyone a liar is ironic and hypocritical.

  13. Love to see you in Cambodia welcoming

  14. I pray the hurricane changes direction or downgrade. I live in Daytona Beach 🙄

  15. Let's add biased politics to a National Emergency. MSM IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. #TRUMP2020

  16. Florida is actually long overdue for a major hurricane especially the East Coast of FL! The last really bad one was Andrew and that was nearly 30 years ago.

  17. Top 10 goobers set to battle royale. I am looking forward to this shit show. Better than any comedy that TV has to offer these days.

  18. Hopefully this hurricane take a left and disappear. Stay safe and get to safety.

  19. Where is Tulsi? I want her to slam Kamala Harris again dammit!


  21. God pray democracy support stay strong good help there ……

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