Thursday , November 26 2020
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The Briefing Room: Latest news from Washington | ABC News

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  1. Demonrats have done it with this clown show.

  2. Is Biden Trumps Rival? This stuff is really strange!!

  3. ABC liberal media bias . Trying to convict before knowing everything . I think that says everything that needs to be said . This is what the majority of Americans are sick of . This , I will stop at nothing to get what I want because I want it mentality . You democratic/ so called libersls are straight up delusional but you can"t see it because wait for it " your delusional" . YOU ARE THE GREATEST THREAT EVER TO OUR REPUBLIC "

  4. Trump abuse his power? LOL. He would never do such a heinous thing as that..🤣

  5. 666 M followers, tells you all you need to know….

  6. Trump doesn't care about America. He's just using this for financial benefit but so many people are ass kissers for Donald trump. He's not a god. And he would save himself over any of you

  7. Why arent you going after hilary clinton or obama. Youre going after trump to cover up for them . Then theres pelosi. She needs to leave

  8. Some of your facts are incorrect and therefore, I gave your segment a thumbs down. I am a fan of ABC News.

  9. Bill Clinton was impeached for lying during his rape trial. Remember? Impeachment is meaningless. It's like Obama getting a Peace Prize. When you give it away for nothing it makes it pretty meaningless.

  10. Democrats better think twice, because they are going to be seeing their next elected president choked with allegations that lead to impeachment.

  11. Trumps right, more fake news!

  12. Trump said he could murder someone and not lose support, and he's right. Facts don't matter to these juvenile, stupid, and morally repugnant Americans, most of whom get their news from Fox. Before 2016, we didn't know that America had produced so many of these bad people.

  13. aNOTHER WITCH HUNT!!Leave our president alone!! This country voted him in and will again and dems do not want this and are grabbing at straws-comes after Biden has been exposed for corruption!!

  14. No you idiots he asked him to investigate Pervert Joe's son and all the money he got while his creepy father was VP…. stop reading BS in a conversation to fit your narrative, plus Creepy Joe will never be President, everyone knows that, even you liberal never Trumpers commenting on here…

  15. Based on the screenshot, I thought it was Samantha Bee.

  16. I want to know why Hillary isn't in prison yet?

  17. FAKE NEWS…He Did Not Press Anyone…Read It For Yourself People…These Guys Are Not Telling The Whole Truth.


  19. so why did biden want ukrainian fired??

  20. There Is Someone Always Talking Shit …

  21. Prez is looking really old!!!!!

  22. God all of this make us look so dumb to other countries

  23. I think Trump is wrong but we vote for him everyone have a good side and bad side he I'll leader right now so go vote kick his ass out Danny clement

  24. Trump is so dumb that he doesn't know the difference between a transcript or a letter,

  25. Better look out, Trump might pull out his Sharpie.

  26. What consequences for Barr for all his obstruction ?

  27. the greatest conman of all time hands down ,and his enablers are the same

  28. War- en Russia 2020. Thermonuclear Surprise coming to America!! You can't miss it!! Bigger than 9-11 and twice the coverage!

  29. I'm digesting this very well. Like adding a shot of espresso to my coffee. Get rid of his stupid ass

  30. Is this the news or two drunk guys talking about what they heard?
    They first minute and they had misrepresented the facts several times.

  31. Lindsey Graham is a fake & a Trump ass kisser while he sits straddled on the fence! I'm sure Sen. John McCain has turned over twice in his grave, in response to the political behavior his "good friend" is now showing. I don't think he'd be very proud of U! Trump U Are the True FAKE! Just Plain Crooked! I definitely want U out of the White House. Regarding the pres. vs vice pres./out of the 2 of U … I'd rather have Pence In & U Out!!! trump chump, U're GUILTY!!! U're DIRTY!!! U're NO DAMN GOOD!!! trump .. Please don't use the word "corrupt" because trump, giuliani, barr & pompeo are the epitome of corrupt! Impeach & Remove trump!!!!

  32. Last ditch effort from the swamp. Does he look worried.

  33. How's that big Nothing Burger with a side of Russian Dressing? I bet it tastes like like all that sh!t you're making up? Roll Biden bragging about withholding $1.1B in loan guarantees unless the Ukrainian President fires the Prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden January 2018. I'll wait….🤔🙄🙄🙄

  34. Can you say cover up? I can since this was interfered with since go. 🤦‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  35. Stop all these lies about our dont uderstand that GOD. put him in there and yhat no man on earth wi(l take him out.😁

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