The Buffalo Bills make an emotional return to the field

Damar Hamlin cheers on the Bills during their first game since his near-fatal cardiac arrest. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: #worldnewstonight #damarhamlin #buffalobills #nfl

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. How come there is not a single video of him saying thanks to his family and friends that were worried about him??? Any media got a video of him doing anything after he was released from the hospital??? No words from him to his fans that were praying and collecting lots of money for his fundraising??? Where is he?

  2. god thank u so much u answer my prayers

  3. Let’s go damar pray for him

  4. Thank God. We all must learn CPR


  6. Miracle on 34th street

  7. #3 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

  8. This is all a script and it's all fake. Most of you are still asleep to this Matrix. Wake up America

  9. Players are not gods leaders etc. Who cares


  11. Thanks to the men and women who saved him is great! Enough with the silly thanking of god!

  12. God Continue to be with Damar and his medical team and Family

  13. To God Be Allllll The Glory for His Miraculous Working Power!!! Congratulations to the Bills!! Praising God DaMar Hamill’s amazing Recovery and special thanks to the Medical Team..

  14. Calm down.
    It's not that traumatic. The guy is fine.

  15. Glad Damar is progressing well. Hope he can soon be moved back home to Buffalo,NY so he can sit in the stands and watch the Bills play the Dolphins in the Wild Card play-off's this Sunday. Also hope that come September,he can play again as the Bill's Safety. #PlayforDamarHamlin*3

  16. “Three years and three months.” (33). And he couldn’t keep from laughing about it! Hamlin’s number…3. All the threes in the crowd. The Bills just coincidentally get a touchdown on the first kickoff return…and win the game. Riiiiiiiiiight! Nothing about this looks scripted at all. 😂

  17. They may try to get him out of bed this week.

  18. I bet he is tired of being in the hospital

  19. The whole league is rigged. It's worse than pro wrestling

  20. Wow !!! This should be away of Life Caring-Compassion-Concern beyond the Field for all human beings.

  21. praise God!! I wonder what the atheists think of all this?

  22. I'm going to say that you know what when you stand back let God do his works God take care of this young man and the people also took care of him his teammates take care of him and now the doctors took care of him but I'm going to say the angels and the universe also did their works even more but everyone each had a hand in this not to mention the love and prayers and the City of Buffalo and the fans also had a hand in this more prayers for his road to recovery so he can get back to being himself 100% to the City of Buffalo and it's fans God bless his heart his soul and his family.

  23. Utmost respect for Hamlin and all nfl players for getting the mandatory shot so we can watch football knowing this could happen to them

  24. ABC cut out Josh Allen saying “God’s Real”. Pathetic news network!!

  25. I would be scared to death to set foot back on the field

  26. Am I the only one thats already tired of hearing about this?

  27. Prayers for Damar. Love from Toronto, Canada- 3💖💖💖💖3 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 3🏈🏈🏈

  28. He should get vaccination so he can be protected.

  29. If your in the nfl it's your job to make sure that your mentality in physical ready this was fake yall people better wake up

  30. so glad they mentioned the medical team that saved his life.

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  32. I hope this pushes the NFL to update the players equipment so that chest contact will be minimized in the future.