The cause of the #Ohio #trainderailment

The Ohio train derailment can be traced to an overheated wheel bearing that was 253 degrees hotter than ambient temperatures, according to a preliminary National Transportation Safety Board report.

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  1. What does "air temperature" have to do with anything?

  2. its ohio so you knew its going to happen

  3. They guy lost his train of thought during interview………what a Tool 🔧 🙄

  4. Man I cannot believe they're walking around out there with no respirator or PPE suit 😬 yikes! Hello cancer… We won't be seeing them in about 10 years…

  5. So cut my wrists and spill the chems

    A biohazzard in Ohio

    Because you spilled me..

    You know you did, you spilled me well

    It's done on purpose, I can tell

    They'll never stop until

    The wildlife is gone

  6. cant even ride a train in ohio, im really sorry i cant help it

  7. Took ya long enough Pete.

  8. Look how seriously they're taking this in their special safety suits

  9. Ohio took the meme’s seriously. I feel bad for the people living there.

  10. Biden chose Ukraine over the people of Ohio

  11. Most normal news in Ohio 💀

  12. It took 2 weeks and a Trump visit for this administration to finally send out their transportation secretary…reminds me of the border crisis.

  13. GOP: Oh, well there you have it. It wasn't between 170 and 200 degrees, so it didn't require a stop.

  14. The Ohio river supplies water for over 250,000 farms in the Mid-west. This will affect Americans nationwide with contaminated crops and food.

  15. "Pothole Pete" is in over his head!

  16. I swear, the little kids are gonna comment "only in ohio" unknowingly because this took place there

  17. MOST LIKELY cause… Don't beef up your headline with a falsehood. 😡
    #NBCNews #Ohio #TraineDerailment

  18. It's like this guy is learning everything for the first time regardless how many times he has been told, just despicable

  19. The cause was climate change and gun braces, ill bet!

  20. And nothing is going to happen. Voters are too stupid and lazy to actually read anything about how regulations are being rolled back to prevent these kinds of things and they'll continue to vote for people who are in the pockets of these companies to only realize too late that it'll be them that'll have to pay for cleaning up this mess. I don't even feel bad and America deserves all of this. 🙄🙄🙄


  22. Want to know why Biden is in Kyiv not East
    Ohio doesn't launder the money

  23. Sabatoge by Climate nazi terrorists?

  24. Do the residents of East Palestine, who apparently LOVE Trump, know that Donald Trump is responsible for rescinding Obama's Rail Safety Protocol that actually caused the derailment? I'm guessing no.

  25. So after two weeks and everyone wondering why he hasn’t shown up, and being asked continually why he’s not there… He finally decides to show only to make it look like he’s doing something. What a tool.

  26. He is a fool he has no solutions except to blame trump

  27. Pete Buttigieg is as real JOKE