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The Challenges Of Studying Endangered Species | Mach | NBC News

Conservation is an ever-evolving, laborious, and cost intensive process, and the Trump administration’s plan to drastically weaken the Endangered Species Act has the potential to make this even more difficult.
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The Challenges Of Studying Endangered Species | Mach | NBC News


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  1. Construction projects can be delayed by an endangered species. Relocate them rather than legislate them onto the extinct list.

  2. The thumbnail looks like the potus without makeup!

  3. I'd love to try bush meat before it's all gone.

  4. God Willing… Democrats Will soon be on the Endangered Species list…

  5. Trump is a gutless fool in bed with the fossil fuel industry.

  6. yo is that giant turtle real

  7. uh oh….STINKY!!




  8. Can you believe that Trump only wants immigrants with job skills who can contribute to society and the economy? How dare he?! We're supposed to take in all of the losers of the world and support them with the taxes of hard-working Americans! I mean, that's why I pay my taxes.

  9. Ooops… saw the baby Orangutan picture on the story thumbnail… thought it was a story about Trump. Well, his mother anyway.

  10. They die faster than we study them

  11. And the average ignorant human thinks they aren't in danger!.

  12. The planet will survive once the parasites do themselves in..

  13. A normal healthy white male is becoming endangered. Bunch of sissys walking round now

  14. The orangutan looks like Trump's mother

  15. The challenges of running a Russian Collusion Klan network 🤡

  16. The Earth has its time when it evolves and renews.. we are at this time.. our DNA is the same as the tree as well as our animals.. we breathe what it exhales and inhale what it exhales.. 95% of our body is made of water.. we need good water to survive. . In a sense the Earth is dying. Because man has forgotten the instructions to live on Earth.. American Navajo Alamo reservation New Mexico

  17. Donald Trump and his administration don't dare.

  18. It's gonna be a lot harder now that Trump is cutting the endagered species act!!!

  19. 2:29 – a quick visit to an American Social Services office will PROVE that they are NOT extinct, but thriving… Off of the albino taxpayer.

  20. We are all endangered species now. Join extinction rebellion. We are out of time.

  21. Animals that are smarter than Nancy Pelosi.

  22. That Thumb- nail Looks like my Old Girlfriend !!

  23. If I can not put it in the recycling bin I don't buy it

  24. Why did they have Trump in the thumbnail?

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