Thursday , June 4 2020
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The Coronavirus Task Force provides further updates on pandemic | USA TODAY

White House coronavirus task force provides an update.
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A Navy ship with 1,000 hospital beds arrived in New York City’s harbor, and the nation’s premiere public health expert vigorously defended President Donald Trump’s decision to extend social distancing and self-isolation measures as a battle to contain the coronavirus gained steam Monday.

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  1. China pe kes krnaa chiy jitna jes Des ka Los huaa hai Corona virus se or chaina pure world mushibt me dal diyaa hai

  2. He is doing great 👍 job 🇺🇸🙏

  3. Rester en debout plus de 2 h bravo monsieur le
    président est en très bonne santé! fait vos meilleure que vous pouvais pour votre peuples!

  4. If and But's were candy and nuts, we all have no virus!

  5. What is Trump's IQ? Definitely average to below average.

  6. Wow! Isn't this unusual? Distortions of city vs state. Say it ain't so, oh Great Orange Divider!

  7. All in all we need to continue to PRAY!

  8. Can we just listen to VP Pence period!

  9. What is that woman with the blue shirt doing? She likes attention?

  10. I saw this intuitive chart on youtube, and understood at a glance, "How To Tell If We're Beating COVID-19"

  11. Everybody is incredible, brave, good people, we've never seen it before. Who writes what he says the worst president EVER.

  12. These get funnier by the day. Who can we blame today for our ineptness? The democrats, the governor’s, oh wait..OBAMA! Let’s keep telling them how depleted and antiquated the system was before this administration fixed it. Believe that, and you’ll believe in the Easter Bunny. Can’t wait to go to church.

  13. You did what you were supposed to do #45 you are the President of these United States of American an act like you doing everybody a favor.

  14. So we are not having problems and there it is incredible this man is unbelievable. Bye #45

  15. Low energy president 😂😝

  16. The lady is not social distancing..

  17. Why are they all up in each others faces SMH!

  18. Thank you Mr. President for helping us through these hard times. God bless the USA and all the world

  19. The only way to tackle this virus is by using thousands upon thousands of tanks and 50 caliber guns, not masks and scary media

  20. Fraud Media and failed leadership, U Next!

  21. I like how everyone is brainwashed this virus has been around since the late 60s developed in China the sore media has tooken this way to far there a virus every year its probably killing alot of people but when all of a sudden did the world government start caring about it we have gone through the flu, Sars, Ebola, they didn't lock us down at those times the government is studying how to control its people and see how they react if martial law has to be declared one day yall need to chill and stop worrying about the covid 19 crap the flu kills more than average a year and the media hasn't talked about that if they did it give the same attention as the covid 19

  22. How can someone talk so much about stuff he nows little about. I am chuckling listen to his bull. POTUS45 is crazy. Scarves to protect yourself? Its like using a torn condom. Stuff gonna get through.

  23. stop it you liar you do want everybody to die

  24. I'd rather die from the Corona viruse than live on an earth full of tools like the one above! One flu over the Cuckoo's nest.

  25. he made the wall show We to not run away

  26. they look like Donald Trump is numb nicenegative he made the world just so we cannot run away he knows that we're going to try to run away

  27. Today we all are suffering day by day losing thousands of innocent lives, whatever the elements on this, COVID-19 has been given the global message if we couldn’t hit together consequences will be worse.

    Therefore as one family, we should have to face this calamity. Yes, we can, we should have overwhelming this very dangerous world stranger.

  28. Thank goodness that the USA has this leader at the helm and not some ideologue Harvard gimp like the previous president. Can you imagine if it were Fake-ahontis or Bernie Sanders or senile women-groper Joe Biden trying to lead us through this mess? With either of those Democrat windbags the USA would be worse off than Italy or Spain. If Joe Biden can get his hand out of the dress from the lady he groped, who knows where he would put it next. Yes, 1993 was the year that creepy Joe sexually attacked one of his staff. Look it up, not a fake claim like Bally Ford.

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  30. first of all Donald Trump was the one who is working with the person who started the coronavirus that's why he made the wall just so we won't be able to run

  31. Very helpful press conference. I watch it daily.

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