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AD- This video includes a paid partnership with Lilysilk

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What I’m Wearing:
Lilysilk cashmere turtleneck –
Lilysilk cashmere bottoms –
Lilysilk hair scrunchie –

Chunky chain necklace –
(US) Chunky chain necklace –
Earrings –
(US) Earrings –

Emu slippers –
(US) Emu slippers (similar) –
Les Boys Les Girls seamless briefs –
Les Boys Les Girls seamless bra –

Lilysilk pieces:
Bedding set –
Cashmere turtleneck –
Cashmere bottoms –
Hair scrunchie –
Face mask –

Grace & Thorn wreath kit –

Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP –
(US) Tom Ford Rose Prick EDP –

Thermomix –

GHD Platinum+ Styler –
(US) GHD Platinum+ Styler –


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  1. That cashmere set just looks perfect, might put it on my Christmas wish list 😏

  2. Nothing makes me cosier than a hot chocolate and a vlog from Josie in her beautiful home! 🥰 shared to Instagram 🙂

  3. i shared this video with so many – thanks for giving us Christmas vibes in these crazy times 💜 feels like a retreat from the world

  4. Hi Josie! Lovely video! Just to let you know, I have shared your video. I hope you get a lot of subscribers darling! 😁👍

  5. Really disappointing to see on Instagram that you are leaving Tier 3 to go to London & Bicester shopping.

  6. Another amazing vlogmas👌👌goog morning from Greece💕💕

  7. Are there not Pillsbury Grands cinnamon rolls across the pond? That’s what you need.

  8. It’s very dirty door!!!!!😢😢😢😢😢

  9. Love your videos, thank you for sharing your life with us. Your cashmere set is it an actual set or are the top & bottoms a similar color? Also do they run true to size? Thank you. Does your discount code work on the U.S link ?

  10. I have been playing your videos at work to destress and my colleagues kept asking who are you watching and that is how I get them to watch your videos as well haha! I always know you will hit half a million before the year ends. All the best Josie!!!

  11. Very cosy indeed! Have shared this with my new friend from work 🙂

  12. Just put your homemade cinnamon rolls in the freezer pre or post baking and heat them up when you fancy one – tastes like freshly baked and you don’t have to throw extra ones away ☺️

  13. Hi Josie I love the loungewear but having 3 cats that like to sit on my lap and they really pat with claws 😺 it would be ruined straight away x I just bought the just roll cinnamon swirl I haven’t tried it yet but I did see cinnamon swirl in the freezer in Marks and Spencer so they might be nice to try x also did you forget about poor Phinella I only seen her in the intro by the fire 🤔

  14. Shared the love and thank you for uploading lovely videos .

  15. Just freeze your own cinnamon roll batch and take one out each morning and put some fresh icing on! They stay good in the freezer for quite a bit longer than just in your cupboard. 🙂 xx

  16. These sketches at the end are really beautiful!🥰 I can totally relate to the cinnamon roll disappointment, tried them before and you kind of can’t be mad about them and still…. freshly made ones are just so much better!😋

  17. The sheep(and outside animals) don't get wet, they have lanolin (you can smell it when you wet a woolen garment), an oily substance which protects their coats from letting water through and the hairs from coiling, hence why wool doesn't shrink on the sheep

  18. I don’t even know how our sheep survive in Australia under some 40+ degrees days over our summertime which is coming soon 🥵

  19. Your vlogs provide much needed cheer during lockdown! Sharing with my friends.

  20. That cashmere lounge set is beautiful enough to wear out and about! It’s very chic and when you put your hair in a bun it takes the look to another level of sophistication! Simply gorgeous and understated, casual elegance! 😍😘😍 Wondering if the pants are too long to wear with your Chloe tennis shoes? Otherwise maybe hem them up a bit so as not drag the cashmere through the muck and mire should you run errands looking ultra chic! Love that set sooo much!

    Oh, your canned cinnamon roll critique was a hoot… 😂😂😂 As if something popped out of a can is able to compare to homemade! 😂 Even if you butter them in the last 5 minutes and cover them with brown sugar, more cinnamon and chopped, toasted pecans, they still can’t compare to homemade… or so I’ve heard… not that I would ever know first hand (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)!!! 😉😂☺️😂 Yummy, yeasty homemade or from a fabulous bakery is the only way to go, my lovely! Unless your grandma or mum makes you a baby cinnamon roll with the pie crust scraps! It’s hard to beat that memorable little treat during holiday baking season! 😍😋❤️

    Anxiously awaiting the doxie tree decorating! Great idea, Charlie, and you can always mix in some basic shiny, metallic balls to fill it out for now and make it a tradition to add to the puppy ornament collection each year! Maybe add some doggie bone ornaments or other dog-related ornaments could look cute! So many possibilities! However, if you use actual dog treats as ornaments, you may run the risk of the doggies eating your decor! 😂😂😂 I have a sterling silver dog bone ornament engraved with my pups name and her gotcha date, when I adopted her from the rescue hospital! It’s hanging front and center, in prides place! 💗💗💗

  21. Shared on my Twitter and Instagram 🙂 I look forward to your vlogs every year!! 💕❤️

  22. You look so comfortable in that lilysilk outfit! 🙊✨

  23. Josie ❤️where did you buy those beautiful hair pins?

  24. Posted your video with a picture of Phinella on my Instagram stories!!

  25. Also, I love the sparkly white GHD! Your natural look was nice.
    May I ask where is you hair clip/pin from, the one you used while on zoom meeting doing your hair, it's beautiful! I love to have interesting hair clips and tasteful ones, not always easy to find. I'm going to check the cashmere set now that I'm done watching your (productive and cozy) vlog, thank you for the discount code! 😍 🥂🌞🌸

  26. Love the Lily Silk outfit………… looking closely at their robes at the moment. Silk cool in our Australian Summer and so beautiful in warm in our winters which can be surprisingly cold………… It does snow in parts of Australia………….. used to live in a part in Central NSW where it snowed regularly even in the middle of the DAY

  27. I had no idea what a Celeriac was? A Celery root!🤔 I will have to try one became the soup looked so good! The Cashmere lounge set is beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful videos.🎄

  28. Tomorrow Vlogmas video had my new electric kettle here in the US because of you! Hope you can come see it! You must try an air fryer! Also, if you’ve never tried barefoot dreams, the most comfy stuff next to cashmere. My barefoot dreams robe is my favorite thing! Always get some great stuff from your recommendations! Great video again!

  29. Hello darling, I do believe you'll get your 500K by Christmas. You work hard and deserve this, I'm so glad you have come this far, I've started watching your channel when you were a little over 100K 🙂 happy for you! Loving the intro looked like something out of a fairytale! Yes, I'm sharing

  30. I shared this video on whatsapp 💕 I love watching your videos in the evenings and even my husband has been sitting down with a drink and watching with me! It helps bring a bit of Christmas spirit into our home! 🎄

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