The data behind the Supreme Court’s shift to the right

Republican presidents have placed more than three-quarters of the court’s justices in the last half-century.

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  1. You mean SCOTUS de-evolution.

  2. Shifting towards the Constitution bothers you Todd?
    Move to the ukraine or somewhere.

  3. Really??? Guess millions of dollars in bribes being accepted by Thomas, Roberts, Gorsuch, had nothing to do with it. Shut up chuck. Everyone knows the SCOTUS is for sale to the highest bidder.

  4. So the "right" is the conservative veiw? Ginsburg and Row B Wade.

  5. The republicans have destroyed and divideded the usa

  6. God said I couldn’t tell them but I can tell you and also earlier when I was saying “That is an Angel!” I forgot what I did but the next thing that happened was your smiling face was was on the screen. So that is cool I got to find the only Angel upon this Earth. According to god. Just then when I asked inside because what one calls prayer I might call just talking to god and god double tapped my left side arm and leg at the same time meaning yes when I asked if you are the only one and then I asked again to make sure, which I will keep doing until I know for sure. Anyways, oh yeah god said I could tell you “We know that they don’t bust anyone if a crime where someone can’t get hurt or killed isn’t occurring at that exact second so that every splinter/fork in the road that can be exposed from something is exposed and then satellite tracking the entire situation for every suspect and those that they are tied to and further on with a goal being that the whole group of corrupt cops and their associates are all discovered as well as all their dealings investigated and to let the whole thing play out as long as you can but please remember if you do that then you’re accomplice of murdering me. You don’t have more then 5 days before I am killed. So I hope my safety is more important then getting that person busted for speeding that has never committed any violent crime in his life.”

  7. They are supposed to be "following the constitution".
    If that makes them right then Democrats are wrong.

  8. Anita Hill may have insight to share. Or any of the lying throughout their confirmations teeth justices to be appointed by republicans since Thomas.

  9. Dont listen to this rubbish…. main stream media is the problem in this country…. constantly propagating misinformation.

  10. Why is nbc hateing human beings

  11. Everything in America turned to the right due to the Regan administration it’s simple as that.

  12. Well, that made my stomach hurt~~~~🥴

  13. Thank god for Republican Supreme Court justices, Reagan’s legacy is finally complete. 6-3 Supreme Court is ours

  14. The last Republican presidential candidate to win the popular vote left office 14 years ago.

  15. Classic case of “elections have consequences “.

  16. Seriously? Appointment of judges caused the shift? Wish I could get paid for stating the most obvious of obvious things.

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  18. Republicans causing problems for the rest of us!

  19. Id like to see a chart on how main stream media went from reporting without being on one side or the other and went to being pro Dem and anti Rep 😊

  20. Our Supreme Court shouldn't adhere to a party nor an ideology. The Supreme Court should be impartial and independent.