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The Day Japan Surrendered, Ending WWII | NBC News

As Tom Brokaw marks his 50th year with NBC News, he continues his chronicle of America’s “Greatest Generation” with a remarkable look at the day World War Two ended – with Japan’s surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay on September 2, 1945 – 71 years ago.
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The Day Japan Surrendered, Ending WWII | NBC News


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  1. Wow! I hope that we always remember the tragedy and the loss the world collectively endured and never under any circumstances head towards another world war.

  2. America is the reason why theres a world wide peace💗

  3. What a shame to japan, land of famous samurai bend to their knees. But China will bend America to their knee , 100% for sure, if they act too cocky.

  4. 9 allies nation are stands facing Japanese that who just alone. Seems odd there. But, this is the relief moment for asian country. Which japan no longer conquer most of the asian country. Tq Lord..

  5. Well, the Asia-Pacific War part of the World War II is over, and along with Nazi Germany too. (1939, 1941-1945).

  6. Truman was a good President

  7. Blamey was at the signing

  8. Why President Truman did not mentioned in the Visitors' Book of USS Missouri that the happiest day of his life was when he ordered Atomic bombs on Japan, when Japan had already told the Allied about its surrender. W ehave to think deeply as to why USA throw Atomic Bombs on Japan an Asian country as a test ground for Atomic bombs because he was member of KKK. Yes inhis youth Harry Truman joined KKK. History is not that what is told to us by You-tubers. If there is good than there is Bad also. And if some true facts of History is told to us, then much are kept away from us. This video is sanitized versiosn of History, where bitter truth is kept away and sweet lies are presented with topings. Hoever. I salute all the soldiers of every form of forces of all countries for fighting with courage. Wars are not good but theses are results of clash of egos of countries. Furthermore, we being normal country loving citizens criticize War, but there are few who loves Wars, those who make profits from Wars, such as companies which make Tanks, Guns, Uniforms, Ammunition, Military gears, crafts etc. etc.

  9. Thanks for the Pearl Harbor attack.

  10. I grew up going to church with an old man who was on the ship when Japan surrendered. His claim to fame was that general MacArthur once tripped on some barbed wire and he put his hand on his shoulder to keep his balance. Pretty cool dude, had some interesting war stories.

  11. This was honestly very beautiful

  12. MISSOURI…….The heartbeat of America..❤

  13. MacArthur "These proceedings are closed."

  14. I stood in McAurther's foot prints on that deck when I was a boy.

  15. the nukes saved the world. weird isn't it ?

  16. WW2 was already over, the war against Japan was a seperate war.

  17. If japan developed their own nuke on time than the war would have never ended so quickly.

  18. Filipino soldiers stronger than japanese soldiers

  19. WW3 ended on January 21 2019 – Squirrel Appreciation Day (Global) /Martin Luther King Jr Day (USA) Full moon.

  20. Sadly just 5 years later America was in another deadly war. Close to 50,000 casualties in three years

  21. Show of peace
    Like if you argee:D

  22. Were 2 Atomic-bombs correct ?

    Before that I would like to explain the remote cause to pacific war.

    Although there are various opinions,I think that one of the opportunities Start of the Pacific war can go back to Russo-Japanese war.

    First of all, as each country occupies Asia,The US also wanted Asia.
    (Three principles of John Hay is an example of that)

    So America took a look at Manchuria,and mediationed the Portsmouth treaty(Treaty of the end of Russo-Japanese War).
    America aimed at the rights of Manchuria on this occasion.

    But,After Russo-Japanese War,Japan and Russia have approached, and both secured Manchuria's right.
    Therefore, the relationship between Japan and the US worsened.

    …After that, some of Japan 's army(Kanto army)' s runaway, the Manchurian Incident,Japan's Withdrawal of the League of Nations, the Japan – China War and triggered to pacific war.

    After all, war is not a matter of justice ,It starts by confilict of interest.and Both are perpetrators and victim.

    Return the story, I think that Indeed atomic bomb expedited the end of the war.

    Still, I think that one atomic bomb was enough. (Well even without atomic bomb, Japan would definitely been defeated)
    namaly ,think Atomic bombs was experiment for 2 type for uran type and plutonium type.
    But, hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed by in such experiments, in case, that would be a war crime.

    What I care about is that America insists that It is right to dropped the atomic bomb.
    I want to know, Are overseas people thinking that dropping the atomic bomb was correct?

    Because ,It's a convenient time to connect with the world on the Internet,I would like to ask the opinions of overseas citizens.
    (Of course this is a story of history and I explain here what I am thinking separately from the current story.)

    I am sorry if my poor English I mistaken or I hurt your feeling.

  23. My Father’s 2 eldest brothers, @ US army , died at WW2… ther did nit recovered their bodies.

  24. Senseless. Yamamoto was a terrorist supported by Japan because there was no declaration of war, so, no need of this fanfare.
    What they should have done was to taking them electrical chair in an American jail.

  25. Last year I stood on that very spot a small circular plate in the desk marked the spot.

  26. She is not standing proudly. She is watching over her sister ship the Arizona and the remains of the men who are still there. It is a solemn watch that will last until both ships are no more.

  27. My father was in Vietnam 3 tours, but passed in 1974. My stepfather, who still is living, was in WWII. He never talks about it, but I know many who were in war wont, for good reasons. I am disappointed whenever I see people, who do not realize that war is imminent, and this one was unavoidable, to say the least. Could you imagine the outcome, had the U.S. not been forced into this battle. Hitler had no intentions of stopping with Poland, France, or Denmark. If he had his way, he, and the Japanese would have also had America under their rule. Thank God for the Allies; it was definitely a team effort. The British were a huge part of this victory over the war. What a battle, this video is both sad, and a happy one. Sad, that it took so many innocent lives, but Hitler is in his just place. I know he's not in control where he's at now.

  28. この日を決して忘れてはならない…

  29. Coward sadistic Americans needed two Atomic bombs to end a war that Japan never started.
    Germany started the war ,why didn't they drop atomic bombs on them,after all they killed millions of Jews and the atomic bomb was Jewish invention.

  30. "Nine allied nations…" but not from Poland 🙂

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