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The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 2


After Paul Snider convinced Stratten to pose nude, her photos were sent to Playboy’s Great Playmate Hunt contest. She went to Los Angeles for test shots. She didn’t win, but the magazine was wowed.

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  1. A beauty jumped into the dangerous world with her boy friend.( pimp ? )
    I know this sad story. Japanese TV show had introduced this murder case. Sometime, Beautiful girls tend to make a big mistake. Watch your boy friend carefully. Choice decent person !

  2. Poor girl! A little angel in a filthy world!!
    Where was her mother in all of that?

  3. Hugh is running the biggest sex slave ring and it’s all fine because the 1% is sleeping with the girls


  5. All these people in here , way their describes her almost sounds like as she is ‘a fresh piece of meat’ …

  6. The dark side of Playboy side

  7. Eric Roberts has gone senile.

  8. Something tells me Chris Connelly wasn't PART of the sex revolution – except with his Boyfriend anally.

  9. Was all about business… Hollywood dream….

  10. I don't care ! I hope the same for that STORMY DANIELS!!!😡👎

  11. Her story is so sad. She's still being exploited 40 years later…just sad.

  12. It's called sodom and gomarrah.

  13. Dorothy was a whore and now she is burning in hell.

  14. Urghh, so much plastic surgery and botox on these women their faces don't even move. Imagine the Kardashian's in 20yrs. Thank you God for my Melanin skin!

  15. From what I can see all thoes wellmostly all are very worn out looking and not so terribly attractive now a days

  16. "she had never seen a cocktail before" bahaha She was dating a pimp. I'm sure she had many cocktails before she got to LA.

  17. Hugh Hefner was the same as Paul Snider except that Hugh Hefner had did his pimping on a major scale and had turned his pimping into a legal business. Funny how this documentary sugar coats Hugh Hefner the good guy when Paul and Hugh pretty much did the same thing.

  18. THE proverbial Beauty and the Beast love story…

  19. 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴

  20. Really ABC? “#murder” yuck 😒

  21. Hue Hefner fucks random young girls in his mansion: he’s a visionary and a god
    R kelly fucks random young girls in his mansion: he’s a predator that should be locked up for life.

  22. Watched this last night… Great documentary

  23. In conclusion, Domestic violence wasn't triggered by Playboy. Her fiance would have found another excuse to kill her.

  24. Now your all old whores….how does that work out for you. Should have married and become mothers.

  25. Hef and his dam pajamas he destroy a lot of lives especially women, playboy mansion the Devils playground

  26. "The dark side of Playboy" There's a light side of Playboy?

  27. What exactly does it mean to be a "promising" Playmate? And do I really want to know?

  28. Who Is Better?

    Like = news

    Comment = fox 4

    (Good Luck In School This Year🙌)
                     Road To 5K

  29. Save a click:

    Paul Snyder was an abuser and used women as his meal ticket before he met Dorothy. From what I understand, he was into lots of shady businesses in Vancouver. He provided models for events and pimped for some of them as well. She was so young and inexperienced that she had no idea what she was getting into with him. She married him while she was still under his influence and thought she owed him something. When she started getting out in the world and started seeing what he really was, it was too late. I believe that Hefner felt real, almost paternal, concern for her but was reluctant to meddle too much.
    Very sad because she was so beautiful and by all accounts just as sweet and genuine as she was pretty.

  30. Hillary’s Lolita tapes coming soon.


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