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The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 3


Stratten was named Playmate of the Month for August 1979 and began working at a Playboy Club as a Playboy Bunny. Former Playboy social secretary Cis Rundle said Stratten “was so thrilled.”

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  2. 5:11 poor scarecrow lady she had so much surgery she can’t look up at all 😂

  3. I know someone who dies heroin and take vitamins he would be very offended 😂

  4. And now this empire is dead

  5. Hugh Hefner is ‘ protected ‘ pedaphile!!!

  6. White eyes mean your a virgin?

  7. Took her clothes off for thousands of people to view. No moral grounding. Surround3d by pedophiles.

  8. Men do this stuff almost all men have sex with women just like ordering a pizza trouble is men have all the money Most women only do this to have some money and survive so to me heterosexual men are the worst in the world and God will get these guys unless you change you mind and come to know the truth and stop sinning

  9. She cheated on a loon and got smoked.

  10. Yeah the devil has a way of making people drop their guard , so he can ruin and steal their souls, which is what happened to all these women, this girl more than likely is in hell with the founder of that filth, Hefner !!

  11. 5:09 ya she looks really thrilled – at being exploited by a whole bunch of Hollywood sleazebags starting with Hugh – then Peter and on down the line. She was a whore, who was exploited by whores. Now she';s dead. And theres not a god damn thing ANY one of ytou can do abhadskjfhjkjfnha g

  12. I don't know her well but similar to Lana Del Rey

  13. What happened to Russia the boogeyman ? The Ukraine whistleblower ? Impeachment ? TRUMP DESERVES DUE PROCESS LIKE EVERY AMERICAN !

  14. Dorothy is dead because she made bad decisions, and she was killed because of it.

  15. When Playboy molds a girl it's "sophistication". When your average guy molds a girl it's "taking advantage"

  16. Doing heroin and taking vitamins 😂😂😂

  17. Hugh Hefner hits the nail on the head with how they describe these women “corny phrases” lol

  18. Another white whore has died 😂😂😂😂

  19. Why does abc do this….show a quarter of the 20/20 show. Where’s part 4/5 and 6.

  20. The movie "Star 80" is about her. When I was little my mom would watch Star 80 and the actor who played her husband, Eric Roberts, used to scare the hell out of me. He came across as such a scary psychopath, scary as any horror movie character

  21. ABC just post the whole video!!!!

  22. lol 3 comments but 0 views? (i'm #4)

  23. Ohhhhhhh, bunnies! :O human bunnies!!

  24. Here is a creepy fact… after Dorothy was killed, Peter Bogdanovich actually married her younger sister and she had plastic surgery to make her look more like Dorothy. 🤭

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