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The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 4


Former Playboy social secretary Alison Reynolds says Snider was caught at the Playboy Mansion with another girl and was kicked out. Hugh Hefner provided Stratten with professional managers.

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  1. I’m confused. It’s the same domestic violence story. This isn’t a “murder mystery.” I see these girls in Hollywood everyday. The ones that will get naked just to be called a model & 5 min of fame. Not being funny, it kind of shows u what kind of respect they have for themselves and that filters out into their love life.

  2. "He looked like a putz."
    LOL. Max was his friend, but he wasn't fooled.

  3. Where is the rest of it?????

  4. I relate to how he felt a lot but I don't think I'd end that type of situation with a murder-suicide case.

  5. They should have given a percentage of chippendale has payment for dorothy and another girl. One lumpsum payment wasnt enough. They were too greedy and sheisty…and he was too evil to walk away from the lost! They cause dorothy her life because she was too naive to deal with the devil and they didnt care enough.
    Being innocent is a death sentence i know this all too well.

  6. Hugh the biggest pimp getting offended by another pimp is above me

  7. Paul looks like Shia LaBeouf 😳

  8. It’s funny that the dirty word was pimp when that’s what Hefner was! Lol. He probably didn’t like the guy because the guy was so much like him.

  9. lol everyone there – Hefner included – was an opportunist – perhaps not killers but definitely opportunists! Snider just happened to be a lower class of opportunist.

  10. It’s wickedness but fascinating that people could do this and think it’s OK ( males and females) these are bad guys it’s like The Godfather in that movie

  11. A young Vanna White at the party footage at 2.43 2.56.

  12. went are you going to get to part 6?

  13. Fake news ABC forgot about the JEFFREY EPSTEIN SURVIVORS ? And what about treason and collusion with Russia the boogeyman ? The whistleblower ? Fake news ! YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT !!!!

  14. "Bill Cosby was there " enough said. She was literally surrounded by creeps and predators 24/7

  15. Dont watch, they never give the ending. Abc blows!!

  16. Well seeing as how successful chip n dales was he wasn't that much of a waste.. 🤔 all the other guys seemed like haters and theives who also took advantage of teenager dumb blondes and whored them out all the same. Like I don't see how anyone here has a leg to stand on outside of being a murderer or whatever

  17. No one interviewed here seems like a good person 🤔 like all these old gross men 🤢 . Like it's creepy to hear them speak like this.

  18. He was a predator and an opportunist

  19. Speaking of putz could ABC Chris Connelly be any more sleazy,

  20. Eric Roberts was allllmost to attractive and had too much of a classy vibe to play Paul Snider, but hes such a great actor he pulled it off.

  21. As much as I think Paul Snider is pathetic for killing Dorothy Stratten. I think this documentary is overly bias and isn't representing the situation correctly. I think this is a documentary about the Star 80 film characters and not the real Paul Snider and real Dorothy Stratten.

  22. This isn't BULLSH, THIS is HORSESH.

  23. Well at the end he turned to manpussy all night! He then went musty hairy hardcore on manpussy

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