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The Death of a Playmate l 20/20 l PART 5

WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF 20/20: https://bit.ly/31q3M9K

Playboy photo editor Marilyn Grabowski said she, Hugh Hefner and others opposed the marriage. Stratten began landing small acting roles before getting the title role in the sci-fi film “Galaxina.”

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  1. I'M A CASHIER I NO LONGER FEEL so bad….After watching this Of course.


  2. The heart of the story isn't here!! WTF!?

  3. Well not going to watch it xuz i kbow last part is missing for sure😑

  4. Everybody making excuses for her but she really loved him, she crazy as him lol

  5. by today's standards- Dorothy Stratton wouldn't make it at all…tastes change- beauty standards alter. a sad story nonetheless. Hollywood strikes again. Heffner / and the Bunny/ Mansion stuff seems like a two century's ago. dated, lame. and a bit creepy.

  6. I came straight to part 5 for comments on how the last part is missing.

    ABC= Aboslute Bullshit Channel.

  7. She's a natural beauty which always the best. Marilyn Monroe had a fake face and fake breast.

  8. Why does the OLD PONYTAIL lady with all that PLASTIC SURGERY look like her FACE IS CRYING from every pore…VERY GREASY,SET ,SLIMY LOOKING……UHHHHHHHH

  9. They try to make Paul look like a monster but the real monster is Hollywood

  10. Ugly women need lovin' too.
    I love you Maxine. ❤

  11. “He needed to feel the star?” He felt his way into these young women’s pants. He is a pervert personified… 🙄

  12. Never knew Max had a connection to Dorothy, just Sharon Tate. Another tragic figure

  13. We have enough lust, stop pushing whoring as a occupation, morels are more important than you know❗️❗️

  14. Since there is no more DM's on YouTube I'll write you hear…can you cover the Newark, NJ officer Jovanny Crespo case please? He's been charged with manslaughter and a bunch of other charges of 2 black men. It was all caught on video from his body cam and all the officers on the call body cam.

  15. So no more impeachment , no more Russia . This is more important than American taxpayers have the right to know what American politicians visited EPSTEIN ISLAND ?

  16. ABC u suck soo bad!! Why not give the ending..click baiting buttholes

  17. I’m five parts late can someone update me real quick?

  18. People are crazy, talking about this being fake. This definitely happened. There are autopsy findings. What do people have to prove with all this fake news conspiracy theory shit?

  19. Dorothy was a whore and now she is burning in hell.

  20. Anyone missing their children? Maybe ask Hillary and her friends. And demand the Hillary Lolita tapes

  21. And you’re just repeating what you already said in all of the last 4 videos she was murdered okay. Show the ick show the pimp ex hubby asshole that did the atrocious act.

  22. I love how ABC clickbaits … so with that said, DONT WATCH THESE VIDEOS!

  23. Amazing video ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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