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The Debrief 10/02/19: Bernie Sanders hospitalized with chest pain | ABC News

Sanders has canceled all upcoming events until further notice as he recovers; Amber Guyger’s sentencing phase comes one day after she was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of Botham Jean.

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  1. Who knew Buckwheat was a news broadcaster?

  2. Newscaster put finger electrical outlet

  3. We have your back Bernie! We love you and we will fight for you!
    And we will win this thing for all of us!

  4. Please Retire before you drop dead.

  5. Anyone know what hospital In Havana crazy uncle Bernie is in?

  6. He will be on blood thinner Rx the rest of his life, there can be side effects from them.

  7. God Bless Bernie Sanders i hope he gets well soon ! Healthcare needs him !

  8. Rising Up | Bernie 2020 – Matt Orfalea

    Bernie Sanders has such a knack for drawing people's attention to exactly what matters and refusing to be distracted by trivia. He has a real sense of moral priorities!

  9. Sit down gramps..don't go breaking your hip.

  10. SANDERS supports ANTIFA and NAMBLA

  11. Making room for the beast! The Hildabeast is coming! Be ready folks we’ve got to prepare! Get your torches and pitchforks cause the beast is deadly.

  12. Does he have good health insurance?

  13. Joe's shit about to come out of the closet. Bernie already hospitalized and dying of heart problems. Pocahontas will be easy pickings!

  14. Best to bernie. yang2020

  15. That was all a set up from the beginning and the little brother did what was planned everything that happen was planned that why she was chosen to go to jail and start spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ because actually God gave her a warning before this took place she didn’t take heed to it so he publicly humiliated her so now she has no choice but to do the will of God yeah he told her to stop he kept telling her to behave herself he kept telling her to turn from our wicked ways she refused to answer so now she has to answer the call they gave her 10 years not because she shot him because God already called her God gave her 10years not man he used them to do it

  16. For some reason this reminds me of the Little Rascals?

  17. Watch him walk, his suit must be starched heavily to keep him up.
    And the jokealist jabs at Trumps age, when Trump could carry Bernies casket on his back.

  18. Bernie for LaZboy 2020.
    He’s about as fit as a widowmaker.

  19. Lol funny this is not a game you cannot cover it with Foil you can’t do it you are talking about a big satellite that can go any direction no

  20. Still in better shape than Joe Blank…..Yo all be careful thems gonna bring back the Billary…..

  21. Sorry Bernie you are TOO OLD TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!

  22. So thank God communist Bernie is out, now you have the fake Indian Warren, who if she wins will make Hillary Clinton her vise president they will collapse the economy blame Trump just to carry on their plans of collapsing America and ending freedom, locking up everyone and killing off most of the population!!
    Either way come 2020 no matter who wins this cold civil war we are in will start spreading blood in the streets!!


  23. Bernie2020. Get ready for America to be number 1.

  24. Prayers to Bernie and his family ! Regardless if we would vote for him or not this is difficult. God bless America !

  25. Enjoy your American healthcare.
    You would be on a waiting list in Canada.

  26. First and foremost I hope Bernie gets back on feet ASAP. The irony is…he got into the hospital and surgery within just one to two days. He would NEVER have gotten services that quick in Nationalized Healthcare countries.

  27. I'm telling you, all of these Democrat walking cadavers should retire and go home to die in peace. They're all too old for campaigning.

  28. WTF are the Putin bots doing here😠😠😠😠

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