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The Debrief: 9/11 Memorial services, ISIS resurgence, Area 51 raid latest

#NeverForget #ABCNews #StormArea51

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  1. The are 51 was planned 9 days after the eleventh

  2. Now America knows and most countries no just don't throw it in high buildings light coming on this now black stop building high-rises will just get Ted down like it's too big black it's a cross that need to fly free if it's too big light over he is going to go smashing free you know I mean it's common knowledge man don't understand

  3. I'm British so this don't bother me 😆 Fuck Trump Fuck Bush Fuck The Conspiracies Fuck The Lies

  4. Gracias saludos cordiales bendiciones en familia equipo 2020_24_ Trump en familia equipo, Jesucristo es con nosotros amén aleluyah Shalom Rajem ShaBBat!!!!!!!

  5. ….9/11 Psyop Staged by the United Terrorist Snakes ( War Criminal)& the world elite

  6. awesome alien dont talk to strangers shirt on amazon!

  7. Where is the info on the Area 51 raid?

  8. IMPORTANTE SPREAD THIS MESSAGE: The us goverment think that were just gonna run in with out any weapons. But they are wrong because they dont know that we will be supllied with weapons too. Im gonna be one of those People and ill bring snipers with me. I run a gunshop with my friend so we will be supllied with 6 snipers (i wont name the weapons for obvious reasons) and two machine guns mounted on top of two jeeps (IF KNOW HOW TO USE A SNIPER OR USED ONE BEFORE OR IF YOU HAVE A DRIVING LICENSE THEN LET ME KNOW WE NEED DRIVERS!!!!). Im going to bring rubber bullets. If the FBI want to stop me, they cant i bought this account to spread the message and im using vpn. Remember THEY CANT STOP ALL OF US

  9. The thing is though, to believe the US government orchestrated these attacks, you also have to believe that a conversation like this occured https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvNbyeqN9UE.

  10. Watch YouTube TedTalks Facebooks role in Brexit and The Edge of Wonder , Ancient Aliens, Corey Goode. Q-Anon anonymous, David Wilcock , OPEN your minds to the real truth as you all fight over racism and religion and break up into parts and pieces of strong nations watch out China and Russia do not walk in to pick up the pieces . One Race The Human Race good and bad and smart and dumb in all. Problem to many smart and dumb bad people.

  11. I was all of about 4 years old when this happened and remember my family glued to the tv and everyone being in such shock. Truly heart breaking. I remember.

  12. I will never forget about this

  13. I learned about this in school today

  14. I was in High School at the time

  15. rip 9-11 but srew thoose people who crash to my home i was 20 when it hppen but i live near there

  16. the souls that died Rest In Peace and thank you for everything you’ve done you will be remembered 🙁 so sad to see the towers go down and a bunch of. Innocent people die so sad I will always remember even though I wasn’t born/ there on 9/11/2001 thank you if you read this god bless you 🙁 🙂

  17. This is a day I will never forget!! My heart still gieves for the lives lost 😢! I still have faith in humanity, the country, and the World… there WILL be peace on earth 🙏🏽!!

  18. I hope Black Lives Matters is giving respect to the country that allows freedom to all people: the USA.

  19. Sickening, absolutely stomach churning, that you even utter the words from your filthy lying mouths . We all know the truth, we know what you did. WE SEE YOU NOW .

  20. Fuckk them who cares about Americans what about the children and babies that die through those 18years whats worst 9/11 or the conflict in the middle east that been going on till this day

  21. it was are government that brought those towers down you really think we the people are that stupid very very sad

  22. We were supposed to watch something about this but my sub decided that it wasn't important and how we should do work that we could have done anytime ofc everyone was in an out rage

  23. I will never forget exactly what I was doing that day, almost the entire day is detailed burned in my memory

  24. I thought it was over 3,000?

  25. May the souls of those who were lost in those towers, rest in peace.

  26. Wow! I can't believe so many eye-opening comments! People ARE waking up and looking in the mirror.

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