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The Debrief: Acting DNI chief testifimony, vaping emergency, climate change walkout| ABC News

#ImpeachmentInquiry #Vaping #ClimateWalkout #ABCNews

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  1. Dont shoot first you have protection we paid for PIGS

  2. anybody can say anything about anybody saying that they heard it from some anonymous person s more ABC s conpiraries that end up in the garbage

  3. The World should Just use Corn ethanol for all motor vehicles. Corn ethanol is ethanol produced from corn biomass and is the main source of ethanol fuel in the United States it burns 100%clean air it would help the WORLD and all FARMERS that we all absolutely need in life.And just use Chemical Filters for Industry like The DANGO & DIENENTHAL just in force all factory plants or shut there doors if they don't comply. President Trump is right about these fantastic options also. Vote Trump 2020 & Jr 2024.

  4. #WeatherWarfare stop it and stop brainwashing our children

  5. I encourage every parent go drug test they kids regularly. As simple as that. Leave legal vape shops alone. They getting it from the streets anyway, and is dangerous. Know what your kids are into. THC will show positive. Stop blaming vaping.

  6. shame for ABC News to make false news about vaping

  7. Green deal, taxpayers giving criminals money.

  8. Hang Rump & the lot for TREASON !!!

  9. 480,000 people die to legal cigarettes each year.
    13 people have died to illegal black market vaping this year.

    Let's not be idiots people.

  10. we know why people are getting sick. what the hell are you talking about women.

  11. quit posting nicotine vapes. shit.

  12. And with all this vape bs it’s population control let people die

  13. I don’t know how I can take ABC seriously there retards just like CNN and MSNBC

  14. Juul dismisses the CEO, put in the board of Altria, No?? Oh, just reporting what we know right?? They also stopped all marketing. This has been reported. Were they doing anything wrong?? Why make the companies that are not a public menace pay for this lack of regulation and leadership. Creating a total mess much?? #msabloodmoney

    How does confusing the issue benefit ABC News.

  15. Still pushing this climate nonsense… some people just don't when to give up on an unsolvable problem.

  16. 6 people die from “vaping” and it’s an emergency? How about the 1,300 that die everyday from cigarettes? Insane.

  17. She's a Man! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. I'm going to quit vaping, start smoking cigarettes again, and buy assault rifles..yeah, that's the ticket

  19. keep on twisting crap around you all are looking more foolish by the day!!! TRUMP 2020

  20. People are litter bugs 🐛 . And that is to be addressed .. it’s the people who are the villain 🦹‍♂️ of the ocean..

  21. ive been vaping for 5 years now never had an issue… never buy store-bought juice always make my own for personal use. Should tell you what you need to know you cant trust companies to do the right thing and definitely never buy street products!!!!

  22. Notice that the only people who march in these protest events are crayon haired Marxist snowflakes. Scientists don't protest because they know that it is a fake emergency. In fact, 500 scientists have signed a letter to the UN to declare that there is no climate emergency.

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