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The Debrief: California power outages, Trump on Kurdish fighters, impeachment showdown | ABC News

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  1. 6:04 nice backdrop lmao stop pretending to be somewhere you are not fucking foolish got the fan going on you to pretend you are outside and everything lmfao!

  2. So stupid these countries always fighting 😂

  3. No more diplomatic immunity!

  4. Come on Preppers…..

    WHERE YA All AT?

  5. Who cares it's California. California sucks 🤣😂

  6. EDIT: If anyone believes the narrative of the blackout by the media is not thinking critically.

    The Truth is here: this power outage is a DRILL… to prepare is for much worse things to possibly come…CHINA has LOST the 2nd largest port of entry ‘LONG BEACH facility’ and changed ownership to the AUSSIES due to failing trade negotiations and national security….this information was not provided by the MSM….. the similar scenario happened to the Japanese prior to Pearl Harbor attack. The government will not tell the public to avoid a panic scenario, but will prepare Californians with a wide spread black out to disrupt services similar to the aftermath of an attack on US Soil.

    We are dealing with an Communist internationalist Subversion and attack from the ruling class socialist communist elite. We want California BACK!!!

  7. Diplomatic immunity? How about jail time .

  8. The power should be turned off, their afraid they will get sued

  9. What a disgusting betrayal of American allies ,these Kurds have protected christian families and towns from isis and were coalition Partners with the USA forces .Up until now Donald Trump has had unilateral support from western nations .Donald Trump how could you do this ??How morally corrupt of you .We the world are watching Almighty Jehovah God the one true God is watching and checking the hearts of men.
    I call out to my ancient people The chosen people of Israel to step in and save these Kurdish people who have been betrayed by the USA and delivered into the hands of the serpent allah and his demonic turkish evil spirits .
    Born again 🇳🇿New Zealand

  10. Who is that handsome newscaster???

  11. The surviving Beatles are even there.

  12. If it was an accident she would not have fled the scene of the accident, or the country. I'm sure she was under the influence. This woman failed to recognize basic moral responsibilities for her actions.

  13. This has been the hippie generation running everything for 30 to 40 years or more
    That's why this country has been run into the ground..
    There is a phrase "if it works don't fix it"..
    They have been fixing it and fixing it and making it worse..


  15. Why is anyone asking the president of Ukraine what he thinks, did Trump release the funds yet? If not what do you expect him to say? Same with Mueller what do you expect him to say , when Trump fired the FBI director McCabe and took his pension away. Who acts this way? Impeach and remove immediately, he is unfit to defend the people of the US and the protect our democracy. How can anyone trust his motives!

  16. Put the power in the ionosphere and tap into that. Oh yeah.

  17. Lol whos going to take care of HER kids. Hahhahahahahha

  18. You know California, you could do control burns, clear cut and replant , in order to clean up all the under brush that burns everything down


  20. If old gangster trump didn't already know he lost there would be no need for him to try to destroy north America and cause them to possibly be attacked in fact he's planning for it because this is the war he is talking about in our nation! Because he's being kicked out of the white house he's going to try every way possible to destroy our nation! Every sexist beta male and bimbo female, trumps favorite creeps are too damn stupid to see this coming! old grandpa gangster trump has set up North America in case everyone found out he cheated to become a US president and that he's nothing but an imposter who's been sleeping with our enemies all along!!

  21. Cali was a nice place until democrats and progressive leftist jerk offs ruined it.
    Now they're coming to Texas and other states like rats fleeing the sinking ship.
    Now you all just need to sit in your own shit until you fruitcakes realized what you've done.

  22. News can lie all they want, Americans that are awake know something deeper is happening.

  23. Who here supports trump with overseas affairs?

  24. P.s. I like the female newscaster's hair. Natural rocks!

  25. I'm sorry for Syria and they're in my prayers, but please save our boys and girls lives.

  26. The USA is nothing but turncoats and traitors….ignorant piece of shit goverment. The world sees you bullish bastards…..

  27. Trump, the best president ever. 2 groups that want death to America, Iran and democrats

  28. Not sure that dude is really in Seria desert. Looks like a screen behind him

  29. Anybody know if merced is affected by the the power outage??

  30. Just do what Obama does send $1 billion in cash gold and silver but don’t tell anybody

  31. Looks like the Obama administration has open the website company

  32. Pulling out of some war is probably a good idea however we will not get a good reporting as this media puts their political spin on everything. I hate it. You guys could be a good news source but choose not to.

  33. These media leftists have no ears or brains. Trump was holding aid from several countries he wants them to contribute to the financial responsibility. And Trump asked him to look into CLOUD SOURCE. Not Hunter. I watched and heard the whole transcript clip. The left is clueless lying to push their narrative.

  34. Pelosi's State is a shambles thanks to cicumstances which have arisen under her party's watch. Maybe all elected officials in Crapofornia should be impeached for the RESULTS they have produced.

  35. Why did I got this video recommend when I hate libtart news channels

  36. So, trump thinks the Syrian people are wanting to go home "back to Europe". They currently in Syria they want to live in peace not under attack from thier neighbors.

  37. The most dangerous thing on earth is a MEDIOCRE MIND in a position of authority😗

  38. Hows that CHOKE HOLD that PG E has on you people? Are you ready to lick their boots? Its for your own good!

  39. Zelensky saying "I wasn't pushed" reduced the circumstantial evidentiary value of all whistleblowers-texts-opinions to pathetic Pelosi TDS impeachment😂theater.
    Trump is~checked & balanced~by foreign leaders ability to threaten "if you play dirty I'll get you impeached for quid pro quo."

  40. That question should not have been asked! Zelensky is too much in a difficult situation to be able to provide a straight answer.

  41. Why can't Turkey just allocate a zone for themselves and leave the kurds in a location. They need a demilitarized zone between the groups in that area. Are they going to spend the rest of their lives killing each other. Why should America be stuck in the middle of their wars all the time. Keep your mind by getting away from unnecessary fights.

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  43. Pathetic Reporting…obvious lies to anyone who smart enough to know the truth.

  44. Yeah go ahead blame trump for your problems , democrats want to take our constitution what our country was built on , guns religion and right for free speech grow up and learn something , don’t be a nazi, if you stop the guns on black market then wrong people won’t have guns , as far as Middle East we can’t babysit them forever

  45. Stomp out the Stigma of mental health.

  46. WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY. Looks at Trump. Yeah, how's that working out for ya?

  47. I love how as Trump is saying it was just an accident, just an accident, the two aides or whomever are looking at the cameras with WTF expressions on their faces.

  48. There should not be emunity for murder

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