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The Debrief: California wildfires explode, Giuliani associates arrested, Ronan Farrow interview

#nationalcomingoutday, #tgif, #impeachment
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  1. bullshit /// male /// female /// THAT'S IT

  2. After reading the Liberal comments here, please stay in CA. Don't spread your disease. Stay in CA. Whats a little fire when you can live in such a liberal bubble. Stay.

  3. Don't blame our President you elected these Liberals who care more about illegal aliens than spending the money on your infrastructure. They care more about selling out CA than protecting its citizens.

  4. That book sounds VERY INTERESTING

  5. Have they determined the cause of this fire

  6. Enough is Enough! Trump is No Christian , he is full of Hate, He is Unpresidential , his Cussing is a disgrace & he is slandering & belittle American Citizens weather it is Obama, Bidden or Democrats! Stop it Trump! You Dirt bag! Every mother in America trys to teach her kids to respect there neighbor, You are a Disgrace & an Anti- Christ Spirit!! Instigator of every Evil Thing & Thought!

  7. Trump is Brains of the Crimes, after all he said I alone can fix it, I am all knowing and wisdom , I am the chosen one, he Ordered Gullian to do the Mob work & the 2 guys arrested are scape coats!

  8. So Sad can put Man on the Moon , build planes, rockets , satellites , But Can't Get these fires under control! Year after Year the fires Rage, No special efforts to Find Solutions to Stop the Fires! Sad!

  9. That any American still supports this man is amazing and amazingly sad.

  10. The Ghoul rises at night… to commit Crime for the Trump Crime Family Syndicate.

  11. This is done by design. Five almost simultaneous explosions across the state following the planned power outages. They are destroying California and not even hiding it anymore

  12. Fire coming up to the power line? Wtf

  13. The Dems Better Start Arresting Their People For Doing Worse Things Than Trump.

  14. I think Rudy needs an attorney

  15. Prayers for California residences who are battling with the fires.

  16. All these fires… But whos gonna do something about it…

  17. Trumps cover up of his multiple crimes are being exposed his resignation as President is imminent, standby !

  18. The truth is coming time to stop and Remorse respect, Elderlies and families,who designed the hayed, very dangerous

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  20. The directed energy winds, bunker fuel on the ocean, and chemtrails over the ocean seem to be working.

  21. What's with the hair? Looks like kid from the little rascals lol 😨

  22. Each time I view Rownan,
    All I see is a young Sinatra/Farrow face mix…
    Fight me

  23. @43:40 discussing anti aircraft guns on Hyundai trucks belonging to ISIS. So so so hilarious!!!

  24. Billionaire corporations own everything. They OWN the media outlets. But they also fund/own their respective puppet pols to do their legislative bidding. The media you are watching are used to back up this continuing narrative to keep voters confused and angry at each other believing the great lie that it's Dems vs GOP only. DONT FALL FOR IT

  25. Great infos ABC. Thanks

  26. Talmudic communists who infiltrated your institutions have control over the weather. Look up! These fires are suspicious.

    LGBTs are remote mind control victims of these communists as well.

    We are at WAR, folks! Prepare!

  27. So you shut Off electricity to prevent fires, which endangers citizens, and you fuckin idiots STILL have wild fires breaking out?? Do your god damn jobs and stop wasting tax payers money

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