Tuesday , November 24 2020
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The Debrief: California wildfires, raging Texas tornadoes, Facebook and 2020 | ABC News

#tuesdaymotivation, #wombatday, #impeachment
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  1. You gotta go Devan, your head is full of oatmeal. We leave troops so when they are attacked it gives us the political hammer to go in and wipe everybody out. That's the way America has fought it's wars for at least 50 years. You two talking heads are dipshits. Much older men should be doing your jobs. Yours is the prattling of fools. We defend basically all of our allies and more than a few fence sitting countries this way. That's why those who stand and wait also serve. What would really be entertaining would be if you each stuck your heads up each others butts.

  2. Facebook can remove and block the fake accounts.

  3. Seems like Trump is So Comfortable with risking Other American's and the Kurds lives
    when He himself and His children COWARDLY avoid going to war. WEAK ! 👹
    PRAYERS for PEACE for ALL.🙏

  4. And that is why I will never move to California!

  5. 11:05 95C!!!! Holy s*it you americans are made out of steel or something, water boils at a 100C and you guys have 95 daaaaamn

  6. And why does this guy need a nomex jacket like a firefighter wears? But has sneakers and cotton pants on?

  7. They should study texas tornatos it reached a stronger level of winds also lighning was directed inside the tornato

  8. So Nothing Has Changed…The Wildfires Are Because Of The Idiots Running The State…They Need To Fix What Needs To Be Fixed Instead Of Wasting The Tax Payers Money.

  9. What about in Oregon where they are arresting white people now for using the word "NIGGER" How is it ok for anyone but white people to say NIGGER? The law is Racist and anyone that supports such a law is racist.

  10. ONLY way to combat the made up news from the Russians and India is to NOT share any of it. Just do not share any political stuff. At the least, research the truth in it from reliable fact-based sources, but if you don't know how to do that, or are not motivated to, then just do not share any of it. It divides our nation and you will just look foolish when someone posts the actual facts under it. Care about truth. It matters more now than ever before in history.

  11. Ugh is this really what I have to wake up too? Can we just put him in jail or something? 😤😤😤 I am tired of hearing about his bullshit

  12. I paused the vid at 13:18 and just stared at the screen. My brain is having trouble processing what Trump has said. He somehow believes that he is allowed to break the law and dishonor our Constitution with free rein and not get impeached for it, but worse than that, is calling for Republicans to automatically impeach any Dem who becomes President as a matter of course with no regard to their not being guilty of anything at all. That is dangerous, treasonous, hate speech right there and cannot be tolerated. It has to stop. Our President is not allowed to say anything he chooses, inciting hate and violence and retaliation, and get away with that. It is not ok. No person on the planet should think that is OK. He is being impeached because extensive investigation and HIS OWN ADMISSION indicates he commited a crime against our democracy and our constitution. Period. He did it. He admitted it freely and even encouraged yet another country to interfere as well, from his own mouth. So yeah, there is due process, it is fair, and is completely right and just. And to invoke 'lynching' knowing the history of that and coming from a white man, is beyond disgusting. He must be stopped before he incites a war. He is Hitler 2.0 and we cannot allow him to continue to create conditions that allow that to happen again. There seems to be no limit to what he will do to remain in power and people are already dead because of it. It cannot continue.

  13. trump the DESTROYER for Peace.

  14. Yes, a real tornado will make an atheist jump into a closet and go to praying to God.

  15. Why doesn't Pelosi just use all that SF street poop to put out the fire 💩

  16. Thanks for your time and consideration to share.

  17. trump. using dewp laser weapon to kill everything in california . Our millitary people been using this weapong again us trump force to make sure by the next electiin this poeple dont vote agains him . everything its obvius . plus china will hack the next election and he try to distract everybody about russia again. trump u sucks .

  18. Cal. burning nothing new happens evrry year. Keep building were you don't belong. Fools with a water hose.

  19. mainstream media very biased.

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