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The Debrief: Dangerous weather, attempted mass shooters thwarted, Hong Kong protests | ABC News

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  1. Jobs where? Wage growth is where?
    What country am I in???? Can’t be the US.
    Jobs still shit. Hourly Wage still garbage with cost of living sky rocketing. Who even cares about a 401k if your initial check can barely pay for your living expenses.

  2. They were blessed. Stay off those planes…

  3. Don't forget the dog was on the plane too

  4. Nobody gives a shit that a black cop suffocated my white brother even after APD had received training that putting 240lbs on a person who is in a prone position is deadly. Nobody gives a shit about my brother

  5. I guess their probably broken up now

  6. Does she brush her hair when she gets out of bed? Come on

  7. People should help people of hongkong from a giant china

  8. My prayers for Hong Kong citizens

  9. @08:29, guy in the red shirt has to be the nonconformist in the crowd: not Chinese & no umbrella

  10. Who estimated the price of the confiscated weed? They must've been smoking it b4 they guessed the price

  11. The U.S. should wipe ISIS & The Taliban off the face of the planet

  12. European settlers came to this country 1619, in a ship or boat. To that white nationalist, find out what country your ancestors boated from, and go back there. You will probably find what you are looking for; your own original land. This land is the home of the Native Americans, the people that were killed by the millions whom now live on reservations.

  13. Take something that is not yours, it will never be yours to begin with. HK Hearts are not with you China. Don't force the issue. Deal with it with love. Let HK go!

  14. Kimberly must have just woken up, looks like her dress is on backwards too….

  15. News reporter looks Ethiopian, eat girl! My gosh! Sticks for legs. Woe hair needs brushing to girl.

  16. That is just heart breaking, my Condolences to the man who's life was ruined at his own wedding. I really don't think I would ever understand why some People would even do such horrible things. Honestly a tragedy.

  17. i feel like evil judges like these are going to start getting assassinated also corrupt cops like these.

  18. Your hair is awful. Cut it down a little. Like really !!

  19. Stupid occupant. All his friends pockets are lined.

  20. Zuckerberg is Jewish. This guy wanna do a mass shooting in Jewish community and send this message to Internet?

  21. What? I'm not Packed with Money, I cannot afford to even Pay Attention.

  22. why can't people comprehend that this planet is a giant ball of ice spinning under a giant heat lamp? IT'S GONNA MELT!!!!if humans had never existed, it would STILL be melting!!! this is where you say…"but fossil fuel…greenhouse gases…cow fart methane!!" welll…….how long has the planet existed? how long have we been burning oil? riiiiggghhhhttttt!!!!

  23. Debrief, I'm Black and female, but the young ladies hair is demeaning. If she wants to wear it natural, FINE. Just ask her to pic her fro out and oil her hair, it looks so unkept, unprofessional and dry as HELL!!! DAMN don't y'all pay her, just saying???

  24. I find it hilarious that people will spend their entire lives being corrupt and wicked in an attempt to control other people to do their work for them. They work harder to get out of doing any real work then they have to build their own personal prison around themselves , they need an entourage of security forces to protect them from the public, they are not even free to walk down the street and be part of society. What a pity. Pray for these poor lost souls while they sit and play with their piles of money and expensive toys all by themselves or at best with other depraved narcissists. How truly lonely this must be. Our whole Hollyweird politically corrupt mass media mind control fear mongering system is wicked to the core. Gather your family in Christ and opt out of the fear ,anxiety, anger , and hate. Get back to living free in love, peace and true prosperity.

  25. Gave abc a thumbs up on this video doesnt happen to often .

  26. Our 401Ks have ALREADY gone down the tubes!!!

    What’s he talking about????

  27. 17:35 What is the message this illustration is giving? 😂🤣😂🤣 MSM giving the "D" to its viewers?

  28. Thanks for your time and consideration to share.i responded back to you as soon as I saw message 🥰

  29. Why are ppl still trying to sneak pot into the US? 😂

  30. Germany is already in a recession. Better save your money, you might need it.

  31. Basically richest man in America and didn't pay taxes lol

  32. Can someone tell womens soccer team to sit down and STFU. Your pay is based on your ticket sales. Want higher pay? Here's a thought stop wasting tax payer dollars clogging court and increase fan base instead of making us hate you!!!

  33. Omg😱 what is wrong with people

  34. How about the farmers ? I know he paid them good ,but what about the food that they send to the stores ? Are the farmers going to keep growing food for everyone ? Or are we going into famine? I know the farmers are having hard times right now .

  35. isn't the black chick with the springy hair one of the Avengers?

  36. The CockWaffle in chief cant even buy a vowel‼️ He needs to take several seats 💺 💺💺💺💺💺

  37. America is good because America is nice

  38. Holy toledo! you see how tall Barron is now? Trump is like 6' + Barron is taller than him.

  39. Greenland: not funny China Russia and USA want to make a go at it, bc they are finding new source of oil, this is old news, he is just starting to make loudest noise about it , we need tomo e away from fossil fuels and the current global economic system that creates great wage disparity keeps oppressed people in their place and cleptorats in power over them

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