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The Debrief: Deadly shooting at Pensacola naval base, border death outrage and more | ABC News

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  1. 6:06

    She said “far-right” but what I heard was


  2. Why are people doing this for? What good has come out from all these mass shootings? What could possibly be so wrong in their world for them to think that taking innocent lives is going to solve whatever is going on in their life?

  3. That witch shouldn't even share a word with our National Grief. Shame on ABC Shame, Shame, Shame….

  4. My heart breaks, God speed…

  5. DAMN..4. Innocent. People. Killed. By. A. FOREIGN. TERRORIST. Who. Shouldn't. Be. In. This. FUCKING. IDIOTIC. COUNTRY. In. The. First. Place!!!!! And. HALF. Of. 🇺🇸 AMERICA. Wants. TRUMP. IMPEACHED!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!

  6. If they do people need to bring justice its Vigilante time people take down satin s kingdom and workers ass feed the bugs

  7. Never thought it would happen here in a million years

  8. Terrorism sounds like Terrorism.

    US digs into Saudi shooting suspect motive in Navy shooting


    Sounds about white.

  10. I went to A school there after Navy boot camp 😔

  11. This is what America has come to sad very sad Prayers for all the families

  12. The Spanish flu will kill us all! Black,white,yellow it doesn’t care u get it u die,no ones fault. Ohhh it’s Trumps fault right ,no left

  13. This is why I'm capo!!! No one is gettin shot your not gonna find a gun, maybe some dope n pills but that's nothing compared to this I swear I get no problems from police I want no beef I want money no problems and also Drugs should be decriminalized .. this is the second naval shooting , dont you think that's weird? Dont you think that some kind of war tactic by our enemy, like they cant get normal Americans to do there deeds ?? Or is this fake? Donald Trump says fake news all thee time so dont question my authority..plus these psychos that are "normal people who work" but the mental health patients get so much shit from "normal people" when all they are is literally retards that have done nothing..

  14. Fucking sucks! Glad my friends are ok; but lives had to be lost today. What is wrong? Everyday something new

  15. Steve the Biological father? Jesus kids a mini him

  16. Every place he name that had a shooting was a GUN FREE ZONE. Just maybe if everyone could carry something to protect themselves this wouldn’t have happened. If the bad person with a gun knows (IT WILL NOT BE LIKE SHOOTING or KILLING FISH IN A BARREL AND THEY CAN’T KILL A LARGE GROUP OF PEOPLE.) Because, they will be shot down and killed before they can do so. Florida is now making some of their counties sanctuary counties for guns.
    Because, the people are tired of not being able to protect themselves and fight back, instead of being that fish in that barrel. SORRY, IF I AM GOING DOWN, I AM GOING DOWN FIGHT. I will NOT make it easy for anyone to kill me………

  17. It was a Saudi Arabian aviation student! I realize Saudi is supposedly an ally, but how did he gain access to a weapon? What moron sold him this gun?

  18. What is happening… First Hawaii and now Florida?

  19. Copycats are scary 😭

  20. Nothing new another day in America

  21. It's part of the gay agenda to get these little boys and girls settled into being Queer as soon as possible and convince all of America and the world that this shit is genetics it is a choice and a Lie From hell

  22. D-Wade is letting his son grow up to be a sissy so nobody needs to be surprised Wendy's Illuminati entertainers have children and they're prissing around

  23. Looks like trump added another dead child to his tally.

  24. other news outlets report that the shooter is a saudi national who had been attending aviation school

  25. Pierre sports the Hitler Stash😂😁😂🤣

  26. That boy in the white house is to blame, turning everyone against each other instead of uniting us, he causes division, and hatred, he gets away with his bull, they think the same thing like him why not!, He has to be impeached he has to or this is just the beginning

  27. I’m sorry to see that young man lost his life due to the flu which is something so regularly treated here. But come on, ‘the administration’s fault’? It happened because of ‘racist policies’? Give me a damn break. It was pure negligence on the part of the facility where he was held. Trump had nothing to do with it. Racism has nothing to do with it. He entered the country ILLEGALLY and was detained for doing so. If any citizen breaks a law, they get detained/arrested. It’s simply following the law of our country. The facilities, laws, border patrol, etc. were all implemented way before Trump came into his presidency. Let’s not make this into something it’s not. Which is what the real problem with media and a lot of people’s overall mindset nowadays. People need something to be mad or upset about and someone to point the finger at. The poor kid wasn’t given proper treatment and that is absolutely horrible. But that is all it is.

  28. If you can, please, explain to me how it works that Trump can lie, humiliate, cheat, devastate and betray all 3 wives and all five children, but you Republicans don't believe he will do those things to you. #WakeUp

  29. We are no longer shock anymore. The US has depleted the sympathy of the world.

  30. Florida is really bad state to live now with all these shootings.

  31. Maybe if y'all would stop constantly trying to put agendas in action, ie: impeachment of the president and trying to take Americans guns… naming only 2.
    Yall have been dick riding trump since BEFORE TRUMP was elected and I'm sure theyll continue thru his 2020 victory as well.

  32. WTF!!???? Didn't THIS JUST HAPPEN in HAWAII!?!?!?!????? Literally thought this was about Hawaii till I saw the name of the base!!!!

  33. Illegals need to die in thier our country with thier own epidemics.

  34. Pensacola shooter was a Saudi national.

  35. Dwyane Wade is catering to the corruption of his young son's mind.

  36. 24:13…..this sweet child looks SO much like the reporter!! It's uncanny!! 💕💖💝

  37. The Left. DISARM this military, we will take your gunz! NO MOAR SHOOTINGS!

  38. This not news, this just another normal day in the US.

  39. ……….Translation……….We want your guns.

  40. Back in Saudi Arabia, he goes on the list of national heroes with the 17 that took down the towers.
    Good work Jared.

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