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The Debrief: Hurricane Dorian on course to make landfall

Florida prepares itself for the storm as it gains strength, and the hurricane causes President Trump cancels his trip to Poland.

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  1. Anyone with half of a honest brain nose Dead Presidents don't have anything to do with the weather


  3. I'm taking bets that the Negroes will be out in full force looting and stealing again. Anyone? They always help out in time of natural disaster they always help themselves to whatever they can get their hands on!

  4. Tourism will continue to Dwindle . This Storm has already taken Many Lives and Caused Untold Property Damage , It's Moving Slow and Locals seem to know the Low Areas . Expect Deep flooding . Move to High Ground , Stay near a Land Line Phone on the Highest Ground , It's about how long the Water is Pushed into the most vulnerable Ground . Florida is mostly Coral and has been below Sea Level at sometime in the Distant Past , Some Sandy areas could just wash away , know your Topography , Be Safe while Riding the Storm 0ut <3 QC

  5. what is wrong with her heaaad lol

  6. Get prepared everyone please

  7. Why not stop guessing and just ask god

  8. I wanna go to the bahamas

  9. Why would anyone live, build or work in a KNOWN HURRICANE area OMG how stupid you get the hurricanes have been there long before you moved in learn from experience _ I can never understand the American know all psyche

  10. If it were Obama no matter where in the states it were to happen he would go play golf and then after just say it is very unfortunate. Trump will likely go himself to access the damage and see what is needed, no matter where it hits.

  11. Stay safe y’all who are in the hurricanes path

  12. because you made a neurologist who by the way I signed a gag order you know they Cloud seed and you know it creates hurricanes and you know this hurricane is not going to hit Florida it's going to hit the Carolinas and for those people to think it's okay and not get repaired is not morally right it's evil I believe you support the insurance companies who are going to make money off of this hurricane but God has protected Florida it will not hit Florida I will bet you it will not hit Florida you know it and I know it

  13. Cairo, Egypt, today I did captured the most dangerous terrorist driving a motorbike loaded with explosive weapons, the terorist is living outside Cairo in the city called Qalubeya, and the criminal travel to Cairo driving a motorbike, the criminal stop the motorbike in the main street in front of the building near the Presidential palace of el Qubaa, and use the stairs to smuggle between the floors of the building, the 11th floors building, a terrorist with a galabeya and a cheap Indian motorbike, loaded the motorbike with explosive weapons that is enough to launch a terrorist attack that is equivalent to 9/11 terrorist attacks, the terrorist is related to some war Generals of weapons in Egypt and Iraq scence 2001.

  14. Curses.. I thought its durian… Hahahaha its actually Dorian. Blimey.

  15. It's not going to Florida so the people that live in Florida are freaking out for no reason the hurricane change again Dorian's forecast track has shifted east again, and now no longer shows Dorian making landfall in Florida, according to the 5 a.m. advisory and forecast from the National Hurricane Center.

  16. We are with you people of Florida. Hope it won't hit you to hard. Your friends from Berlin.

  17. Ill know soon enough my ex is down there 😂

  18. Trumps cut to FEMA not mentioned??? GEEZ. And they call this "news"???

  19. A historically intense & widespread storm for Florida. – time to prepare & pray. "Armed with the power of they name, nothing can ever hurt me. And with thy love in my heart all the world's afflictions can in no wise alarm me." ~ Baha'i Faith

  20. Does this girl have a mirror? I can understand embracing your ethnicity but this is ridiculously ridiculous.

  21. When and if you evacuate you better take your Firearms cuz they're going to come steal them if you don't

  22. So sad on what I'm seeing people running around in chaos being greedy , fighting like hungry animals,no gas, selfishness anywhere. Everyone only care about themselves! No one has no faith or trust in God ! Your failing his test world! These are the end of the days ! Y'all running around for water , shelter ,gas but yet lack your trust in God that he will provide (God Is A Provider!) just call on him ! It's all in the bible people, these are the test of the end days before the antichrist! He is walking among us ! START RUNNING TO GOD FOR SOME MERCY AND FORGIVENESS! CRY OUT TO HIM ! BEFORE ITS TO LATE ! Those being selfish for food water gas just remember "The first will be last , and the last will be first!" Book of Revelation ! To all my believers out there let go of your anger , unforgiveness , repent! Stay strong ! We will finally be home with our father in heaven , where there is no more tears, no more pain , no more fear no more worries we finally get to see Jesus face to face ! Hallelujah!!!! Its time for us to start tugging for lost lives to come with us before they are left behind! Let them laugh, mock me and not receive it ! I do not care! As long as I saved one life, touched one heart , I will rejoice !!!!!! If you deny God before man , he will deny you in the gates of heaven!!!!

  23. It will be a 5 by tomorrow. It's going to smash my beloved Vero Beach to bits.
    You can still get out of dodge.

  24. Perhaps we are one catastrophe away from a one world government

  25. We are beyond if having only when left

  26. I mean these hurricanes are hard to predict and might not go to we're u expected to be

  27. Live on the beach they said..you’ll love the weather they said

  28. https://law.justia.com/codes/florida/2016/title-xxix/chapter-403/part-i/section-403.301

    Why can I produce evidence to man manipulating weather & hardly anyone believes its existence

  29. It’s headed towards trumps house…

  30. https://ufdc.ufl.edu/AA00025909/00001

    I'm Australian now how can I find this & the people who actually live there don't know why?

  31. Did she style her hair before she got on “The Debrief”?

  32. Many of you need to learn how to read weather & learn Geoengineering before suggesting or advising anyone anything

  33. Thank god I don’t live in florids

  34. If its going to hit somewhere lets hope its a direct hit on Mar-a-Lago.
    That will make Trumps head spin.
    Apologies to the neigbours.

  35. Can you elaborate on why Dorian seems to change directions everyday now it goes from Florida Palm Bay area up coast affecting Georgia South/North Carolina Virginia anyone being informed of this Hurricane Dorian being a possible Category 4 when hits major flooding for Florida hail with major storm activity stay safe America

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