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The Debrief: Hurricane Dorian on the move, 2020 debate deadline, volcano in Italy | ABC News

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  1. in the words of APH italy

  2. Thank you so much for all that you do in keeping us up to date on what is happening with the country and the world at large. That said, I am disappointed that many major news affiliates continue to overlook the united states virgin islands when talking about these major hurricanes. I'm not saying that we never get mentioned but we are largely overlooked for other US territories like Puerto Rico. Dorian didn't hit them, thank god, but it hit us directly and turned into a hurricane while directly over us. Yet I dont see many news outlets mentioning that. We ourselves also get wrecked from both Hurricanes Irma and Maria two years ago and are still recovering much like Puerto Rico is. Where is our story? Why aren't there ABC news anchors here on the ground talking to us? Again, I love you guys and all that you do. I tune in every morning. I only ask on behalf of myself and the other US citizens here who also follow you guys, that you please be more mindful of all US territories that are affected by these storms when reporting.

  3. It's time for a revolution in America. This government does not care about the people.

  4. Dahm in Florida they got mosquitoes with eee and a hurricane yikes

  5. Hello the reason Trump is doing that to children of United states of America citizens serviceman is John McCain, born in Panama. Saludos

  6. Godbless Florida,. Hope no Big Cassualties or Dies there .

  7. Please, anyone this year recording any storms or incidents, please record in LANDSCAPE view – just like EVERY YouTube video window. If you record in PORTRAIT mode (vertical) mode, you just end up making your video smaller in the video window and pissing off your audiences. THINK. 🙂

  8. Bunch of liberals in here. No surprise. It's ABC.

  9. The Chosen One averted Dorian from Puerto Rico…just as Him !!!

  10. Hearing of NK new sub makes me sleep better at night, thanks Trump

  11. And when FEMA needs money he will take it from medicare.


  13. Donnys desperate to have a trump branded wall. Disgusting.

  14. Trump will not only go down as a crook and a horrible president he will always be known as a Russian colluding scumbag.

  15. Id like to add this important vid .Nostradamus revealed everything about Trump , what he has done and what he is going to do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVqoTl8EqEA&t=1200s

  16. Dump trump in 2020 we deserve the truth from.or goverment

  17. Stop the political bull shit we want to see news

  18. Thanks for your time and to share.

  19. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer for missing Puerto Rico now it's headed for trump's mar Largo ,cat 4 no coinsendence .. God is mad at trump . I am praying for all others But you must agree to follow his laws and asked forgiveness for your sins and forgive everyone who has wronged you in your life and you ask it in Jesus name otherwise he will not hear you're prayer. I'm praying for all 💕💞 I am Jesus's only bride mother of his children I had Jesus's son Benjamin spoken about revelations 12:5 and adjoining scripture Isaiah chapter 66 versus 7 through 11 and The Bible backs itself up so in psalms 68:27 it refers to Benjamin it says "there is little Benjamin and their ruler".. little Benjamin is me and Jesus's son and their ruler is Jesus this scripture is talking about when we live on the new remodeled Earth a 1000 years of peace and paradise with Jesus, coming soon very soon

  20. So America is a shitstain…wash it away!!!!!!

  21. Omar needs to be removed and jailed for treason!!

  22. I don't like you either, Ilhan. You's a hoe. A glorified HOE.

    I would never sleep with a married man.

    I would never do, and say the things you do, or say.

    You are the snake. The turban is off of Harry Potter. When he unwrapped it, he uncovered a demon.

    You have no ground, no Honor.

    You broke up a home.

    Minnesota deserves you.


  23. STOP talking and TAKE ACTION! These racist bastards are pushing the new world order, while you all are talking. u.S. Congress is full of shit.

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