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The Debrief: Officer fired over Eric Garner death, surging anti-Semitism | ABC News

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  1. Now , this same so called officer can relocate out of the New York area and get another police position elsewhere in these USA this is what they do.

  2. Trump is a donkey and Americans have to suffer thru until election where he will be defeated historically. Ciao bitch

  3. the orange guys doing pretty good.

  4. USA: If you are a police officer FEEL FREE to CHOKE ANYONE POOR.

  5. That's it?!!! Fired as punishment for murder? Wow.

  6. Why don't black women like this news anchor fix herself up; wear makeup/do something with her bushwack hair when they go live in america? This is why she probably finds it hard to get a man to want her…..smh

  7. Eric was a low life low IQ piece of shit

  8. Yes mom no more opportunity for Eric! No justice

  9. 5 years later?!!! This was a son,father and husband. Firing is not enough!

  10. Like. Your natural hair girlfriend , two snaps

  11. I want to talk about the kid who walked out. On his teammates. In HIGH SCHOOL. My kids could go on to drop out of college and dabble in meth. I'd be proud for life.


  13. In Castro Valley has a park. It's has over 500 tents of homeless people. We have a problem. The cop doesn't need to be a officer. I saw the video and he wasn't doing anything wrong. And what about the 20 cop's that jumped on him.

  14. So happy for Eric Garners family. They have the option of Civil Law Suit. So sorry for their loss. God Bless

  15. That was a longtime investigation that revealed that justice does still exist.

  16. Only one ? All the pigs involved should be fired , charged with murder, put on trial , and if convicted executed !!! 🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

  17. I just don’t know exactly what took place in the mind of this Po-lice officer, and I’m not convinced that many people are aware of that either. But we would hope that this type of thing doesn’t happen again, every life is worth way too much. But I don’t think this cop set out to kill, and I thought even in America,Murder was an,intentional act. Obviously there’s different levels of Murder, but reckless homicide I thought was,a non intentional act,which is different from 1st degree Murder. I hope that these decisions are not being made by anyone based on emotion.
    All the punishment in the world won’t be bringing ol mate back,and re-training officers is going to happen. I’m not sure much else can really be achieved. I spose ya could throw a bucket full of cash at the family,but I’m not sure that’s what they would want, most of us wouldn’t want that sort of money, personally I would feel way to guilty making money from a loved one ‘s death..

  18. So the worst that can happen if your a white power guy ? gal the Joins the NYCPD ( Fraternal order of police ) a Lodge is and Murder a few Black people is get fired … Whats that the New Drive slogan for hiring ?

  19. The day that I see them throw the Asians to the ground over selling loose cigarettes THEN it's even and fair.

    But EVERY police officer knows about the Asians and Some Puerto Ricans selling loosies everyday for over 20 years.

    Not one Asian or Puerto Rican has been dropped kicked to the ground, choked or had a nasty knee in there skull pressing on their temples.
    And they make far more revenue selling illegal itemS in their Restaurants and Stores.

    Those 6 or so cops were such punks .. They Passed By the Drug Dealers to take a cigarette man Down .. how "heroic" of them they Saved and Protected the lungs from getting Cancer in 40 years.

    Until that day .. I see EQUALITY I'm not listening…
    You're racist ..
    The End

  20. Air mattress is breaking news??? Seriously. Wow. 😧

  21. only jerks raised by racist cunts have something negative to apply until something hits home for you check your family tree I'm sure a thug will fall off assholes

  22. Over freaking lose cigarettes a man loses his life 😡😡

  23. My question is if the officer had been black and the arrestee white would this be a big deal. And I’m really sick of slavery conversations I wasn’t born then tired of it being thrown in my face tired of paying for something that none of us were born during that time, black and whites included. Tired of blacks riding the coat tails of their ancestors so they can be angry and spew hate. They forget that white women may have dressed nicer but they were property to and forced to do as the men said. Grow up…

  24. If Trump says everything's great with the economy why is he admitting to the economic slowdown? He talks out of both sides of his mouth every single day and everytime I see or hear something about him I turn it off but this time I wasn't quick enough to avoid what he had to say but as usual is so ridiculous it's almost comical if it wasn't so damn scary what he says

  25. So the Whites with a conscience decided to oppose the slave owners (also Whites) and fought and died over their convictions. And now what? Something new to add?

  26. Trump is out for his people: Rich kleptocratic thieves.
    He doesn't give two shits about the working man WAKE UP AMERICA.

  27. Amazon passed the taxes to the buyers France imposed to Amazon. The end buyer will always pass tariffs and taxes.

  28. Now the officer needs to face criminal charges.

  29. Sounds about white💊💉😂😳😡😈

  30. Trump's biggest sin was giving a hugh tax cut to the 1% super rich who pocketed the lot and spent nothing. The Country can't afford any more cuts. Trump taking on China in trade wars was pure stupidity. That hits ordinary Americans. Everything he has ever touched has ended in bankruptcy and he's sending the US on the same road. Get him out of the WH asap.

  31. While my heart goes out to the Garner family, this could all have been avoided had Eric listened to the police commands. Not only was he belligerent, but he resisted arrest. In the 5 years that we have watched the video, not one person has mentioned the fact that Eric Garner was a huge guy and all the policemen were just about up to his shoulders. Some restraint had to be taken in order to get the situation under control.

  32. Jesus H! Is that Barron Trump???

  33. If you want to commit crimes and be protected by the taxpayer's money and never be charged just become a cop. They will fight for you even though they know you murdered someone. This is the truth and you can't prove me wrong. The police are the biggest legalized corrupt gang members in America today. If anyone else in America would have chocked someone to death or caused the death of someone they would have already been charged and in prison. But if you are a cop, they will always find a way to say why they are allowed to kill you.

  34. Every officer that doesn’t want to do his job because of the decision made related to Eric Garner should be fired immediately. If it upsets you because you can’t kill the citizens with impunity and not face repercussions then you are not worthy of wearing a badge and a gun 😡😡😡

  35. Why over 30 minutes of dead air on this video?

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