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The Debrief: Officers shot in Philadelphia stand off, Dow suffers triple digit losses | ABC News

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  1. Shaka Johnson LOL
    Who would ever, ever!
    suspect anything like this could happen in such a fine neighborhood.

  2. So the midget pervert managed to hang himself with a weighted drop hard enough to fracture his spine??????

  3. $1 up to $20 dollars economy for certain places in U.S.A and international were never been talled in the history of America and elsewhere for the presence of $50 and $100.The idea is to build a community that develop and consume products worth $1 up to $20 price.This price bracket belongs to kids consuming habit and never been tested in America itself since founding of her since July 04,1776.

  4. You should he ashamed getting on TV talking about the shooting ,Media trying to remove the sting from the mass shootings .They were White . Forgot the stabbings in California .Why choose you Your Black !!!!!!!!!

  5. This is a true nightmare.: ( How sad to see something so terrible.: (

  6. If you get a chance, watch the total disrespect the crowd is showing to the police officers.
    Not on this video, but someone else took it with their phone.
    A third world shithole.

  7. That's because the mayor of Philadelphia and the district attorney are both a bunch of leftist liberal pussies. It's all out war in this city. And unless you literally kill someone you're not going to jail.

  8. @ 4:27 look at him. You can tell hes a trump supporter right??????? Am I right????? Lol. Wheres your, "hes a trump supporter " accusations, ? Huh. Damn idiots

  9. This was a hostage situation.. And a Terrorist Act…

  10. And For Donald Trump It Takes Like A Week Or Even More for him to start talking about it and talk about "Fixing the problem".. While Obama would have fixed in a second… This is such bullcrap.

  11. Ha Ha he'll naw! How he got to guns with police in his residence and they came with a warrant! Bullshit they sent to get that $ and he grabbed the heat! Crooked ass cops a unarmed suspect can't even grab air without getting shot! Corruption at it's finest! Don't believe the hype he paid they ass in bullets!

  12. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Thank You for news. I still cant understand this "Prezident" what a bullsh**

  14. Prayers for the Police Officer's and their families and friends. Sounds like a miracle to me.

  15. @georigiaridgerunner 79 You've lost your dang mind or it's nearly gone with all that washing as nobody wants a recession! NOBODY!

  16. Philadelphia Mayor blaming the guns not the heroin, not drug dealers, not gangs, not blame himself for his mis management mis handle his city. Philadelphia is the distribution of illegal drugs heroin, cocaine in East Coast in years. Liberal politicians should do their jobs, do right and fix their cities. All their cities same problems.

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