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The Debrief: Remembering Rep. Cummings, Pence in Turkey, Syria crisis | ABC News

#RIPElijah, #trumpletter, #pelosimeltdown
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  1. Kimberly does a fantastic job! A great journalist…

  2. Now that the Chicago public school teachers are on strike the kids have a better shot at learning

  3. Oh so sad! RIP Mr. Cummings!

  4. When will they stop robbing peoples past….by disturbing their resting place…greed is a demon…

  5. Nathan Morris is having a bad day obviously from his comments. I hope his Friday is filled with peaceful calm.

  6. Middle East have been killing each other for hundreds of years it's the norm over there bring her shoulder back home or men and women mr. Cummings I hope you rest in peace

  7. Brexit for UK and Trump for US indicates the end of the Anglo-American leadership and the rise of China/Germany.

  8. My thoughts and prayers to his family but one less race baiter in the world is not a bad thing, The man who tells me I support a racist, hell no. I won't miss hearing his predictable positions on everything

  9. All Hail the RACE BAITER, Cummings!

  10. I remember Cummings differently.

  11. Oh no, I remember when he kept on coughing during his statement concerning the Mueller report, I instantly thought that he must be really sick, and I felt that he will no be with us long. I'm so heartbroken! Live on in Paradise Mr. Cummings I respect you and thank you for your service Sir. 💔💔💔💔💔😢😢😢😢😢💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. Another good guy it's going to

  13. MSM media enemy of the people

  14. Ukraine Hunter Biden crackhead expertise

  15. OMG fake News hahahaha verdad cabrónes

  16. Crooked Cummings 💀 yep 💀 hell waiting

  17. Baltimore rat city thanks Cummings now you pay in hell

  18. That's not sad goodbye Cummings scumbag fix your city oops never mind hahahaha verdad cabrónes

  19. Your network is so full of shit. Your "Turkey Attacks Kentucky" breaking "news" report proves what shameless liars ALL of you are. Btw, that race pimp Cummings is burning in Hell.

  20. Cummings what a good and courageous man.Your irreplaceable.thank you .

  21. Good RIDDANCE! I am glad that Elijah Cummings is Dead ! Hope the same for all TRUMP-HATERS!🇺🇸😡🖕🗡🛡🏹🔫⚔💣💥

  22. I feel sad and disturbed about all the comments here that lack compassion, and care. For someone to speak insults and hate, makes me wonder how their soul looks like.

  23. Ha, satan has a new apprentice, Trump approves…. and says “hey Cummings… YOU’RE FIRED” … Literally as in HELL.
    More than one way to drain the swamp… enter the grim reaper.

  24. Yeah, more 'SLAUGHTER IN SYRIA' fake news ABC. And maybe top that off with more fake impeachment BS. Oh, and, about Elijah… begins the renaissance of Baltimore. Good riddance!

  25. STILL FAKE NEWS::::>>> BY BY

  26. Rest In Peace always always Mr. Cummings…🕊🙏🏾🕊 It’s a loss I think and feel for the city of Baltimore.

  27. Turkey vs …. Usa,European union,pkk,iran,jews,mainstream media , france , arab league , asad … 👌 . ITS a strong standing all alone , not a slave, not a dog , becouse of Ottoman roots come back . GOD BLESS TURKEY 🇹🇷

  28. I love you & Alex 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💛✨

  29. All the RATS are in grief this morning 🐀 He gave them a place to stay! RIP Cummings!

  30. RIP Elijah Cummings 🙏 Poor angel baby has succumb to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  31. So, ever noticed how both Kimberley Brooks of ABC and Wolf Blitzer of CNN almost always play the role of 'facilitator' … where they both encourage news anchors or panelists to bring their 'pieces of a puzzle' to the 'bigger picture'? Even though both of them art very capable of solely 'reporting'? Uncle diggeth watching the two, their guests and colleagues !!!

    Dear publisher 'ABC' … ye canst not get rid of this Uncle now !!! We loveth thee !!!



  34. You phony liberal networks contributed to his demised by forcing the ridiculous impeachment narrative for over 3 years. He must have been consumed by all the drama, brain drain and heart stress covering all the crimes done under the corrupt Obama admin and focusing all his energy into Trump. Bernie Sanders & Nancy Pelosi need to slow down just as Cummings should have done and enjoy the golden years they have left instead of the nasty politics they spread in Washington

  35. God Bless Mr.Cummings And the assignment God gave Him,He did it until His day was doneNow God Has him ,My prayer ARE With the family and the people that he serve 👊👊👊Keep serving my people👏👏👏God see your work it will never go unspoken💪💪💪God bless your work for His people of all kind all over the World😆😆😆keep grinding👏👏

  36. Notice the network uaed black employees to report this. Also its not sad at all. baltimore is whats sad and Cummings caused that. Stop lyung to the readers.

  37. That tootsie roll dead and straight to Hell. He earned it!!

  38. Hey ABC Fake News where is that footage that you pathetic communists aired about Syria. When it actually was a shooting range in the US? You couldn't even tell that there was trees when there non in Syria. You pathetic leftists window lickers.
    Fuck Elijah Cummings that sewer rat is in hell right now.

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