Wednesday , December 2 2020
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The Debrief: Texas tornadoes, Trump backs down on G7, landmark opioid trial | ABC News

#DallasTornado, #mondaymotivation, #g7
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  1. God please protect Dallas … 👏👏

  2. I have it on a reputable, but unnamed source, that Trump was responsible for the tornados! I SEE RUSSIANS!👀

  3. Comment was for other remark about Megan and for Megan sorry

  4. I hope that every one is fine and god bless

  5. You did get it meg but ignored it all,you wanted to do things your way and no body is going to stand in your have no other chose but try and get some did so much blanity and even was spoken to and told by Inportant people but choose to ignore it all and these feeling s on Megan is not going to change no one can change in that length of what your expected way with exspected with protocol and be respected.we all see what your doing to be by me I see through you you are an actress aren't can try and make people believe you if you are changed then fine if your not look out for more option.

  6. Harry really messed up marrying an American woman!! She’s done nothing but cause a split in her family and now in Harry’s!! Now she’s crying poor me!! Typical feministic American woman!

    She knew she was marrying into a traditional valued family. She keeps the baby away from a long tradition of stepping out with the new born as Diana had done and down the line….

    Divorce her now Harry before she does any more damage!!

  7. Ooh no! The "do nothing" Congress did "something"!……

  8. I care about white people overdosing the same way they cared about black people during the crack epidemic that the government admitted was calculated and on purpose. Fuck y’all.

  9. So many triggered trump cultists! Poor crybabies! 😂😭😂😭😂
    How crappy do their lives have to be to either believe trump is good for America or to be willing to prostitute your comments on youtube for rubles!?!

  10. She is not a American she is a Muslim Slut !!!

  11. Why didnt you mention the 80,000 people at Dallas TRUMP rally ? No news is still FAKE NEWS

  12. FAKE NEWS. THE LIES CONTINUE. Decades ago, I would tell people about the lying fake news that supported both the republican party and the democratic party and no one believed me, until Trump started using the name, "FAKE NEWS."

  13. tRump doesn’t want the people to see his Scum Hotels

  14. Wreaking havoc not wrecking!!!

  15. At 23:12 it sounds about white💊💉😂😳😰🤢😵

  16. She loves all the attention she gets from all media. We call it attention whore in the USA

  17. Are those semi-auto or fully automatic opioids ?

  18. tornado…
    it's God's punishment for welcoming the orange turd to town…

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