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The Debrief: Tracking Hurricane Dorian, Texas shooting spree, deadly boat fire | ABC News

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  1. Stop bashing the president and give the news!

  2. It goes she looking for meth through ass

  3. Save the dogs not the people! Lol! See how twisted that sounds?

  4. Trump is not scared at the dorian as it is nothing to US as US continue to bomb the Syrians.

  5. Great work as you always do Kim!

  6. Sorry liberals I am not giving up my AR-15 or my 2ND Amendment.

  7. I hope it was white americans that died😂😂👍👍👍💥💥🔫

  8. You would think that ABC would choose to have an attractive person doing the news.

  9. "their loved ones,"
    stop it, youre dead 666.

  10. Not nothing more dangerous than Mother Nature. She is pissed.

  11. Hey let's use a nuclear bomb to break up the hurricane….

  12. A musician that made many records lives in the Bahamas, but I don't know which island, but I think he is in an area that is in solitude to keep people away. I hope he made it out.

  13. How the fuck do you abandon ur animals?? Karma baby, Dorian is just karma for all those evil people who would do something like that.

  14. Praying for thermonuclear war with Russia!! Vaporize the USA. Fuck the Jews and their vassal state.

  15. God must have been very mad at the grand bahama

  16. 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿💕love the natural hair my lady

  17. What kind man would ever think she's a mother material of beautiful lol she looks like a white male bashing white shaming bitch

  18. 2020 24 Trump Pence Rubio Pompeo Bolton!!!!

  19. Thank God we have such a Strong Good President in charge.

  20. Deus. Não. Nos. Abandone. Proteja. Todas. as vítimas. Do. Furacão protegei os. Meus. Meninos. Senhor. Amen

  21. Surfs up! Was the presidents golf score over or under par?

  22. She has to do something about that hair.

  23. Please Floridians don't take this weakening of the storm at face value just wait it out someplace safe …it's better to be safe than sorry God bless and my prayers are with you all

  24. I'm praying for all . This is just the beginning of hurricane season and there are 4 lows in the ocean right now right behind Dorian that have a 50% chance of becoming a hurricane. We have 8 weeks to go.
    God is still mad at trump

  25. blah blah blah same ole same ole. just report the news stop with the politics.

  26. Dorian is over, 110mph winds are nothing so why should the president be putting out briefings at this time? I went through the eye of Floyd and held my sailboat off the dock for 4hrs of 110mph winds. Lots of leaves and beaches on the ground, but no damage to buildings. And remember that Key West is as flat as the Bahamas and we didn't have any flooding during Floyd. Unless Dorian builds back up, which is unlikely, Dorian is over!

  27. https://youtu.be/f46LZIHc-EU Soi Cầu 04/09… Chúc mừng những ai hôm nay đã ăn Độc Thủ 55 và Xiên 2 55×96 ở VIDEO 👏👏👏

  28. We've been kidding nature .
    Now nature is kidding !

  29. That high pressure is saving the coast.

  30. As a Floridian, about twenty miles east of Daytona beach, I can tell you right now all we are experiencing is cloud and some showers, light wind and our beaches are still intact haha, the media loves hyping it up. Please keep the Bahamas in your thoughts and consider donating anything you can for them!

  31. The message we’d like to get through to everybody is. Please still be terrified and watch us so our ratings stay up.

  32. When it comes to Trump… It's not head scratching, it's head shaking…

  33. Do they have a Coast Guard do they have anyone to help them to pick them up in boats or did they decide to flee

  34. How many bottle of water they sold with this fear

  35. Sound's like Florida is in the clear….. Little to no damage…

  36. You media wrong again ! all hype for ratings !

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