Wednesday , September 30 2020
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The Dems made the US House a 'chaotic mess': Rep. Smith

Rep. Jason Smith (R-MO) discusses how Trump’s impeachment inquiry will stall progress on the USMCA.

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  1. GOP trying to swing the whistleblower report their way without ever having their followers read it.


  3. Another Juan williams from fox this one is

  4. Yes, the Dems are throwing stuff at the wall and just seeing what sticks.

  5. Fox is going further and further left..

  6. Same tactics
    1- guilty until proven innocent
    2- Russia Hoax with no crime no collusion Guilty and then look for the crime
    3- No wrongdoing…no crime…they favrucated another steel dossier.
    Here it s the whistleblower complaint made up by hearsay….and now they go fishing…Election have consequences..Trump is president and the democats are not!!

  7. This talking head just lied and tried to spin this against the President! The transcript doesn't go from the defense money to Biden. It goes from the money to Trump asking a favor of the Ukrainians looking into something else completely and then into Biden's crime of extortion! Nothing at all inappropriate!
    As for Pelosi holding up the vote for USMCA, she should be impeached for political obstruction against the American people!

  8. Who the heck is this guy , this moderator on fox? What is going on with fox?

  9. Is Fox Network losing credibility?

  10. More fox closet commies you are now fake news

  11. Ignore the Democrats. They have obviously lost their minds.

  12. This will guarantee a victory for Trump in 2020.

  13. The Dem house reps should all BECOME BARTENDERS to Learn

  14. Smith would not answer if Trump actions were inappropriate…….just kept saying some crimes, no impeachable offenses….partisan hack


  16. FOX IS STARTING TO SUC**********

  17. Look no further thasn Schiff….So much corruption from Bidens and Clintons, Bush's, Obama's and the one President who actually loves his country and people, has to put up with these sick individuals. Trump has a long memory Pelosi, and all you swamp creatures. He'll survive all you can throw at him and still win hands down, so get used to losing you sick side show goons!

  18. And spineless Republicans stand by and do nothing.

  19. That stupid lady is holding everything up there should be a law against that she is not doing what her constituents want or what the American people want to she should be removed and made to pay back all restitution to the American people for all the f**** money she wasted

  20. Look at the Letter of May 4, 2018 from Durban, Menendez and Leahy to Yurly Lutsenko, the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.  It included " we have supported the building process including rule of law and accoutable and accountable democratic instituations and are disappoined"  and "potentially jeopardizing US financial and military  aid to Ukraine" Quid Pro Quo and cited a New York Times article as their source of information. The NYT article inferred his office impeded Robert Mueller's investigation because it froze 4 open cases in April. It implied the 4 cases were relating to consulting work performed by Paul Manafort for Victor Yanukovich. But Manafor didn't work for the former president of Ukraine, he gave the information he was asked to gather to a third party.  I never heard that anyone on Trump's team impeded Robert Mueller's investigation especially the Ukrainian end of it. The story on the $2 million cash payment to Manafort was a bogus lie. Seems these 3 democrats wrote this all down on paper in an official letter from the US to Ukraine.

  21. Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.

  22. Put that Threshold up Yo Arse…!

  23. Democrat's have doomed the house and shown their shear abuse of power. Democrat's actions show how they have been involved in creating SPYING, Mueller investigation which ended NO Collusion-NO Obstruction, and using all kinds of criminal thought's and manipulation with false accusations.

  24. This reporter is a CNN person in FOX clothing!

  25. Hey IDIOTHEAD shut up and listen to the man there is " NOTHING EVEM CLOSE TO ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE !!!
    Here's an idea, read the transcript for yourself you lazy schmuck !!!
    The president was JUST DOING HIS JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🇺🇸


  26. who is the whistleblower?? There is no one credible…this is manufactured like the demom c rats tried with the border and with Russia and with Kavanaugh….tune out America and just Vote your god loving heart. God Bless America and let the Angel of truth protect our President Trump

  27. Why keep interrupting ! Rude,unprofessional pos.

  28. Trump asks Ukraine…do me a favour though can you look into cloudstrike then 540 words later he asks if there is anything corrupt about Biden and son. It’s perfectly in the presidents remit to look into corruption.

  29. The left call Trump President Chaos. They should really look at themselves.

  30. "It's not Treason because Ukraine is an ally not an enemy."
    "It's not Bribery because the Federal Bribery Statute doesn't apply to foreign government officials."
    "It's not Extortion because there's no Quid Pro Quo."

    "Asking for an investigation is not a thing of value to President Trump."

    "President is the highest L&E official in the country … he has a RIGHT to ask ANY1!!!"

  31. Fox talking head is a blatant democrat schill! imo, look here at Trump 's suggestions..don't look here at Biden and his son and a $1.5B oil deal…for a company in Ukraine that has Mitt Romney on BoD… no let's ignore all that EVIDENCE and work on here say! absolutely disgusting on the part of this FOX employee!

  32. My God, this anchor doesn't know what merits impeachment?

  33. We were all totally disgusted with Adam Schiff today. Such a disgrace to actually being a representative of our country! Even my Democrat friends who outnumbered us watching all together were totally disgusted with Schiff & his blatant lies! 8 Democrats who were with us today said they have had enough of the Democrats, their all changing to Republicans tomorrow morning! 4 other Democrats in attendance said they’re going to try & stick it out, but if Nancy Peloski does not bring the USMCA to the floor for the final vote within 3 weeks, then they too will no longer be involved in any way with the Democrats! These are business people who employ many! They have been Democrats all their lives! People are just getting so sickened with their bitterness & unethical ways! It took a lot to get this group of wonderful people together today. Looks like it paid off!

  34. Ya all just need to sit down and share a bucket of chicken. 🐓

  35. Wow…this reporter immediately tries to spin the narrative AGAINST Trump.

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