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The Devil in Gainesville l 20/20 l PART 3

Concerns grow in Gainesville as another 2 students are found dead: Part 3

Manny Taboada and Tracy Paules were living together when the killer entered their Florida home. Evidence from a bank robbery would later prove crucial to solving the murders.


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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Are these people serious? There was a serial killer going around and then there's a bank robbery? And they track down the dude's tent and find a screw driver and tape recorder along with the money but they don't listen to the recordings? These cops are so full of it, they found out the suspect was a white male so they didn't care to investigate. We know what it is.

  2. Danny rollins found dead in his cell some day

  3. Incompetence of the police

  4. I'm not a seasoned detective just a nosy guy and the very 1st thing I want to do is hear what's on this tape 🤷🏾‍♂️

  5. Listen, if you confess Jesus is Lord believe God raised Him from the dead u will be saved. Romans 10:9 love ya's

  6. This is so sad and scary and heartbreaking!

  7. "Cops not understanding", is code for cops too stupid and lazy to INVESTIGATE any said crime. Remember folks your safety and security is solely your responsibility, defend yourselves at all cost.

  8. This is so scary to watch. I grew up in Gainesville, FL. I was 10 when these murders happened, so of course I remember it all vividly. My parents became way more overprotective of me until the killer was caught. My aunt came down from Atlanta to write a story about it for the newspaper she worked at, The Atlanta Journal & Constitution. I remember she dictated her writing to a co-worker over the phone bc this was a few years before everyone had email. I listened to every word she dictated w full attention. I still remember a lot of her story verbatim. I was terrified. Gainesville is a wonderful city in so many ways, and I will always consider it to be my hometown. I don't let that deranged killer take my beautiful memories. Oh yeah, and GO GATORS!! 🧡💙

  9. Wow, to hear the sister say she would’ve been okay if the plane crashed was horrible. The pain she’s going through smh.

  10. My daughter wanted to go there for college. I told her no.

  11. This is absolutely heart breaking

  12. Where is the next episode 4

  13. Can somebody tell me why these documentaries are always incomplete on YouTube?

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