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The Devil’s Triangle l 20/20 l PART 3

Heather Elvis and Sidney Moorer break up, friends say his wife threatened her: Part 3

Elvis’ former roommate Brianna Kulzer said Moorer’s wife, Tammy Moorer, would call Elvis “nonstop.” Another friend, Jodi Davenport, believes Elvis had been “terrified.”


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  1. Stay away from married men. Nothing to see over there and men shouldn't get married if they still want to play around.

  2. If you will Not seriously Repent of all your sins and have not 100% committed your life to Jesus Christ, the devil will take it, whatever is Not submitted to Christ! The same goes for your children! If you do Not give your children to Jesus Christ, training them to Love God and obey His Word, the devil will take them! Sooner or later you will be out of your body and find out! REPENT and LEARN TO SPEAK, LIVE and ACT WHAT IS 100% RIGHT IN GOD'S EYES (In His Books, the GOSPEL)!

  3. HEATHER ELVIS Was sooooo damn pretty.
    She shouldA just STAYED #Single 🌹

  4. The Southern United States scares the ish out of me. Like one giant trailer park.

  5. Her dad broke me. Tell me where your at and I’ll come get you. Ugh the desperation is just so awful my heart breaks for this family

  6. That dude is straight trash 🗑

  7. I feel so bad for Heather’s family, especially her dad. The news footage of him near the end of this video is especially heartbreaking. No one should ever have to go through what he’s experiencing. No one. And whoever hurt his little girl should get the worst punishment that justice can provide. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for murderers. If they are made by the law to feel even just a fraction of their victim’s pain, it will be worth it.

  8. 5:10 Heather shouldn’t have responded to any of Tammy’s taunts, but Tammy is behaving insanely even for a scorned wife. “Your (Profanity) needs to leave me alone.” Then why don’t you leave Heather alone? It’s clear that she just wanted to get into a fight with Heather.

  9. This is just my opinion, but men just aren’t built to be the submissive in a relationship. A marriage is a partnership, they should be partners, equals in every matter. He should never ignore her feelings on decisions. He should always consult her before any steps are made. But if she takes charge of everything they do and orders him around, he’s going to feel like she’s more of a domineering mother than a loving and respectful wife. Cheating is very wrong, one of the absolute worst things a spouse could do, but I can see how someone in that kind of a relationship can be tempted to look for happiness elsewhere. But in this case, it just leads to more misery, and to temptation of a different kind.

  10. The family and friends are delusional and responsible for this girl’s misfortune.
    They literally said that the girls were “jealous” of a skank sleeping with a married man. LoL

  11. They just love the bad boys and the danger

  12. I love how they are feeling sorry for Heather- pre murder… like she was heartbroken. They make it seem like the wife is just nuts and this girl is broken. No, the wife’s heart was broken.

  13. Are you wearing a retainer? I can’t figure it out or tangoes clip on teeth, but it’s driving me crazy.

  14. What's the song at the beginning of this episode?

  15. D*** that wife was a sociopathic narcissistic control freak & also shes extremely arrogant to think the girl who backed off respectfully was the problem.

  16. There’s a lot of hate on here about the poor young girl being immoral but can we talk about the almost 40 year old man making the same exact even worse actions??

  17. This is why I hate marriage. People feel like they own another human being. If you have a problem with your partner sleeping with someone else, you should probably just get another partner who wants the same thing as you. Ownership is disgusting.

  18. That broken voice of her father just so painful to hear

  19. Why would the friends be "jeolous" of this affair? They felt it was morally wrong.

  20. Tammy use to handcuff him to bed when he was sleeping crazzzzzzzzy

  21. Seeing the dad breakdown on the news broke my heart 🥺

  22. everybody saying how wonderful heather was, but she was immoral as hell though….

  23. Tammy is so ugly! Sydney should have left her for Heather.

  24. Everytime I hear a girl described as 'free-spirited' I'm like ok….this girl fucks.

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