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The Douglas Dynasty: Fame. Addiction. Finding Home. l Part 2

How Michael Douglas tried to help son caught up in a severe drug addiction: Part 2

Legendary actor Michael Douglas said he tried to get his son Cameron into rebab but eventually Cameron “reached a point where I thought I was going to lose him.”


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  1. All his sons were alcoholics & deprived of love.No wonder the sons became alcoholics.They found love in the needle or the bottle.SO SAD

  2. Dont drink too much Shooter, it might drive u to shoot

  3. Forget about the money Camren is soo lucky to have a dad that worships and loves him !!!😭😭😭😭😍

  4. i met michael douglas once in colorado and he was by far the biggest douche bag i ever met, looked like he hadnt showered in months…

  5. The book 📖

    That money maker

  6. Cringy and sad. I feel like I am watching something I should not be.

  7. Look how empty the fucking comments are in this YouTube comment section everybody seems to be concerned with their genetics not knowing what genetics are apparently, God bless the masses🤣

  8. Interesting story, good looking guy, a lovable guy, but please STOP trying to impersonate a bumble bee. 5:24

    PS… Cameron God Loves you. The ideal thing would be to let those fancy shoes be a symbol of you being on your way towards having an amazing super-Future of Spectacular Joy, spectacular Gladness, spectacular Health, Happy surprises, and Love beyond what words can even explain. You can have that, you should have that, you owe it to your self to have that. Such a bright Future is available to you that you should sometimes be praying to the Creator with shades on. (aka with sunglasses on.) But, alas, unfortunately…. sigh…. that would require embracing and responding to the Reality that you are Loved boundlessly by a Good God and that He and wants to be your best Friend.

    Unfortunately… because… you know if you were standing behind a homeless DEAF person and had a million dollars to give away and you shouted to them that you wanted to give them a million dollars the person wouldn't even make the tiniest acknowledgement or response to that…Because that is how it is when the person is deaf. Can't even hear the tiniest word that was spoken. We are born into a world that is set up to make it easy and natural to be stone cold DEAF to the words in the above paragraph in just as literal of a way as a physically deaf person can't even begin to hear a car horn even if it's 5 feet away. Here comes a set of words that has everything to do with what is talked about in the first paragraph:

    "Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with Me." –Revelation 3:20

    Who is making that such a statement as that??? THE KING OF everything. The King of Love. For "a portrait" of who is making that statement you have to scroll back a few pages for the description which is found right here —————-> Revelation 1:12-17.

    — IF you just read this comment and your name isn't Cameron then feel free to just spray paint out his name and put your own name in there instead of his.

  9. Apparently everyone in this YouTube comment section has never heard of fucking genetics😂

  10. they soo much the same faces and eyes, just wow


  12. I bet Michael Douglas regret this one fuck, he was not able to pull out. It could have been so easy. And then the half of the life is wasted with sorrows.

  13. why do they look like the exact same person except different ages

  14. they have the exact same eyes

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