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The end of an era

After 25 seasons, popular children’s show “Arthur” is coming to an end. ABC News’ Will Ganss has reaction to the surprising announcement.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I Miss Arthur ITS my childhood

  2. Telegram download it to stay connected with us patriots against this demonic agenda

  3. I know Arthur fans did the math in their head of how much episodes they can watch in day after he said 9000 lol

  4. The last time I saw it was over 10 years ago. By now it's nothing more than a relic of the 90's.

  5. I never knew that this show was on!

  6. Why can't viewers accept the fact that all good things need a end eventually?

  7. as a die hard Spongebob fan , I am celebrating as Spongebob may be able to take title of longest running childrens series in a few years, YES!

  8. “Part of the journey is the end”

  9. 1080p 60fps Version Pleases Thanks

  10. Could they at least graduate to 4th grade?

  11. I feel upset over Arthur ending, because it's one of my favorite shows, alongside The Price Is Right, Jeopardy!, Wheel Of Fortune, and other shows I like. There are VHS and DVD releases that are still around so we all can relive the memories. Even when we all have our own kids someday, we'll show them the VHS and DVD releases that I had previously mentioned.

  12. Well I was 3 when it aired, so I will be 29 when it ends.

  13. FINALLY, IT'S ABOUT D-MN TIME THAT SHOW NEEDS TO PUT AN END OF IT!! Stupid PBS governmental "education" propaganda.

  14. Girls: The same crap about men not crying watching Titanic and lacking emotions

  15. Arthur: Ends

  16. When they made episodes about Alzheimer's, Cancer, and s

    witched to flash animation, I'm just as relieved that it is ending. Arthur was a based kid's cartoon that even a teen could enjoy without being pandered by stilted voice acting that the other cartoons did

  17. The Simpsons is one show that needs to retire. It's barely funny now.

  18. Don't go breaking my heart Arthur.

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